Texas Sized Love.

People from Texas are just a different breed. Really. This has undoubtedly been my experience with most…really pretty much all…of the Texans that I have encountered. They live and breath Texas. They are almost more convinced of its greatness than the Powell family is convinced of the greatness of the Oklahoma Sooners. Almost. This is why I think anytime a Texan falls in love with another Texan, IT’S A GOOD THING! Imagine the marital strife of a Texan spending their life trying to convince an Oklahoman of the ‘Texas Pride.’ It just wouldn’t be good. I know that Adam Martin and Katlyn Lovett are grateful that they not only share a Big Texas sized love for each other, but also a Big Texas sized love for the state itself.

They met while dancing. Yep. How perfect is that for two Texas proud, College Station born and Aggie lovin’ people? Perfect indeed. She was a senior in college at Texas A&M. He was an A&M grad gone Missouri resident. He was 25. She was four years younger. She was dating someone else. He was home for Easter, footloose and fancy free. They’d grown up in the same place, knew the same people and went to the same places but their paths had never crossed. Not til he asked her to dance that is. From there, their paths were crossed forever. After almost two years filled with fun, flirting, ten hours of road in between, a broken back, Colorado summers, Branson shows, sweet friendship, a ring dunk, an Oklahoma proposal (emphasis on the Oklahoma part) and lots of laughter, God has brought them together to be dance partners forever.

Adam and Katlyn, thanks for letting me do a little ‘capturing’ of your Texas sized love. So excited for you two as you enter into this new adventure. I’m an Oklahoman through and through but I’m thrilled that you two Lone Star Texans are no longer alone.


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