Giggling, French Silk Pie and Hats.

If there is one thing that is true about the Powell women, it’s that we LOVE to giggle. I’m not talking half-hearted chuckle or an occasional outburst of laugher. ANYTIME we are together, we giggle like it’s breathing. Like it’s chocolate pie. French silk chocolate pie. We giggle like Jesus will come back if we fill the room with as much giggling as physically possible. We are gigglers. The word giggle is a personal favorite of mine anyway just because of the way it rolls off of the tongue and its phonetics. It’s just a cool word period and it’s just a cool action as well. When you do it right, your whole body takes part and let me assure you, we do it right. If you are my older or younger sister, your head tilts all the way back and your body moves around in a circular motion. It’s a sight to see for sure. Yep, we Powell women are expert gigglers, just ask my brother-in-law. Poor fellow, he didn’t have much warning when he joined the family three years ago. Nobody told him that he was not only marrying an expert giggler, but her giggleness would be exponentially greater when she got around her sisters and mother. He has been a patient and tolerant husband, with only a few ‘Are you serious? More giggling?’ looks over the years. To this day he has yet to join in which I cannot for the life of me understand why but I’m optimistic.

Yep, we love to laugh. We were doing just that last Saturday after my grandmother’s funeral in Orlando, FL as we we had just finished commemorating a wonderful woman whom we all loved. We were at the reception sticking close together as we didn’t know very many people that were present. That and we just naturally gravitate whenever we get the chance to all be together because it’s very rare. Laughing and giggling we were, in our own little word, when a woman came up to us who we didn’t recognize. In a sweet and genuine voice she expressed her deepest sympathy and gave her condolences for our loss. Our smiles quickly left our faces as we realized the insensitiveness of how we must have looked just giggling away at our grandmother’s funeral. As she walked away, we all looked at each other with a little bit of embarrassment. Oops. Too much laughter for a funeral?

In perfect timing, with sweet wisdom, my sister stopped and said, “Well, Grandma would have been laughing with us.” Truer words were never spoken. If there was one thing about my grandmother, it’s that she loved to laugh and make people laugh. If she’d been at her own funeral, she would have laughed with us like it was breathing. Like it was chocolate pie. French silk chocolate pie.

I hope that one day people laugh at my funeral. I hope that they giggle like Jesus will come back if they do. I hope this not because they will be insensitive, but because they will know I am not in a better place, but that I’m in the best place.

(The pictures are special because my grandmother loved to wear hats. She was ALWAYS in fashion. At the funeral reception, all the ladies that served wore her old hats in honor of her. My sisters, mother and I, had a lot of fun putting them on and remembering her in her hats. I wish we wore hats more. I think she was on to something!)

My sister Emily. So photogenic.

Apparently my grandmother made this one. “Lynn Polumbo Original.”

Yep, there’s the giggling…

Their heads are back.

Her maiden name was Hollywood and boy was it fitting. She was quite the star of the show.


4 thoughts on “Giggling, French Silk Pie and Hats.

  1. We ladies of the Guild loved wearing Lynn’s hats. She was such a classy lady! Fr. Peter neglected to say (as I recall) that Lynn was a past President of St. Joseph Guild, serving 2004-05, and held other posititons.

    I first met Lynn when her Robert and our Rob were in the same grade at. Joseph’s Elementary together.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures and we will share this with our members.

    Best wishes to all, Carol Bagby

  2. Mary,
    I forgot to tell you that I sent this to some of my friends at work. My boww wrote back and said she could “see the love”- a good comment about your photography.

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