Goal Setting, Endorphins and Mickey.

They say in order to be a good blogger you should post at least once a day. At least that’s the Pioneer Woman’s advice on it and let’s face it, they are making a movie about her life as a blogger so I just might take her advice. (http://thepioneerwoman.com/) She says, “Force yourself to post even when you think you have nothing to say. You just might be surprised at what you produce on those days.” Okay, so that is a definite paraphrase so the quotation marks are a bit deceiving but still, you get the idea. Now, at first I was skeptical but then I started realizing that the blogs that I follow (especially photography blogs), I follow daily. It’s part of my morning ritual, judge me if you will, and if by chance they didn’t post that day, I get really sad. This brings me to my point. I don’t blog every day. I wish I could. I tell people often that I really wish I had time to blog that day and in complete seriousness, I pout a little bit. Mature I know. Anyway, today I’m setting a goal to blog more often because it will hopefully cause me to take more photos and improve on this hobby/art. Now, I know from my four years of studying Public Relations in undergrad, that a goal will never be reached unless there are practical, tangible and quantifiable measures that go along with it. The goal of blogging ‘more often’ may not really make my PR profs very proud SO I’m working on the quantifiable part of it. I’ll get back to you once I figure that out. 🙂

I’m big on intros if you can’t tell, hence the marathon one up above. Now for the real deal. This post is part one of my Orlando trip that I took last month for my grandmother’s funeral. There’s not much to say about it except that the fam (plus Jake and David) spent a couple of days soaking up the sun on the lake and at Universal Studios. Since it’s pretty self explanatory, I’ll just give you my top six (I forgot the most important so this is amended) reasons why I love Florida. I think I leaned over to Jake every five minutes and said, “Isn’t it wonderful here?!?!?” He sweetly obliged my obsession by nodding yes Mary, it’s wonderful. I’m a weirdo when it comes to the sun.

Reasons I love Florida

1. Sunshine and Warm weather- Drink in the Endorphins!! Endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t kill their husbands….(name that movie)

2. The percentage of the year that you can get a tan- Huge plus. If you are Italian like me, it doesn’t make sense to be anything other than a pleasant shade of olive. It just doesn’t.

3. Disney World- Magical. Enough said.

4. Beach- Need I say more? My favorite place to be without a doubt. Sand between your toes, soaking up the rays, reading a good book, searching for sea shells…wonderful.

5. Sunshine and Warm weather- Did I already say that?

6. My twin, my best friend, my wombmate and my confidant…Beth Powell lives there! Enough said!

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Goal Setting, Endorphins and Mickey.

  1. Well, sister, I like this blog for the most part. However, I have a bone to pick with you. Apparently, you like Florida for a few “good” reasons. BUT, you have, unfortunately, made a grand mistake. You have forgotten to let the world know the true reason you love Florida. Drum roll please….. ahem, ME. Hello! Your favorite person in the world just HAPPENS to live in the Sunshine State and I don’t even get a shout out. Barely even make it into any pictures. Sadly, it looks like I will need to be offended for the rest of this day. Better put down your shovel and figure out how your gonna get out of this hole. 🙂

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