Uncle Ned’s Pants are Stolen.

With honest humility, I must tell you that I was and hopefully still am a really good student. Now, despite my initial disclaimer, some of you may be thinking that I have plunged into a narcissistic side of my personality only veiled by a deceptive banner of modesty. But please, I implore you, trust me that I do not make this statement out of a need to exalt myself, but really quite the opposite. You see, it is not because of my God given intellect that I was a good student, although I do think that He blessed me with at least some competency. No, the real secret to my success as a student lies in my ‘know how’ of getting an A. That may seem like another way of explaining being a ‘smart kid’ but I fully believe that they are different. You see, I developed tricks over the years of ways to be a good student without really being that smart. These tricks are by no means fool proof but they at least allowed me to succeed without actually being a genius. You work hard, have good study habits, find out what the teacher is looking for, participate in class, set high expectations for yourself and last but certainly not least…. utilize acrostics and acronyms! Yep, I would say that acronyms/acrostics are responsible for 60% of my success as a student. That may be a little bold but for emphasis we will go with it. Acronyms are incredibly helpful when trying to memorize information because they force you to relate otherwise boring and complicated information with simple, light-hearted and usually ridiculous things! Let me mention a few favorites that we used growing up.

My Very Eager Mother Just Stole Uncle Ned’s Pants:

Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune…and of course Pluto which was actually still considered a planet when I was in elementary school. Weird. I feel old.

Every Good Boy Does Fine- EGBDF. The major notes of the treble clef.

Or how about some acronyms that we all are familiar with in life? S.O.S.? N.A.S.A? U.S.A.? RSVP? TGIF?

You see acronyms are helpful and a key part of where I am today. Now after that Loooong and round about intro (I tend to have long intros), there is one acronym in my life that has been especially beneficial lately and helped me to get where I am today. Yep. B.O.B. Woah Woah Woah. No I did not forget the Y. Don’t jump to conclusions. You see, a year and a half ago, I was undeservingly invited to help lead a small group of sophomore girls. They have been together since the 6th grade, I think, and have been pursuing Christ together since then. What a unique blessing! Babes of the Bible (B.O.B.) they call themselves because they are just that. BEAUTIFUL young women that are solely committed to the Lord and to His Word. They are wise beyond their years. These Babes have been such a blessing in my life, undoubtedly increasing my love and passion for acronyms. I have learned SO much from being a part of their lives these last two years and I hope that they have learned even just a little from mine. What a joy it is to serve the Lord alongside these young women as we pursue Him together.

Thanks girls for letting me not only document your special prom night but also for allowing me to be a part of your lives! You are a blessing to me and I am grateful for having the privilege of being a B.O.B.ette….or at least an honorary one 🙂

Don’t worry, there will be MANY more pics to follow. This is just part one. My B.O.B.s memoir if you will!

LOVE Erin’s face.


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