Guys and Dolls.

Things are just better when you have to wait right? Like a Disney vacation. A meal when it’s been a while since your last. Or maybe a visit from a friend you haven’t seen in forever. Well, in the name of ‘better when you have to wait,’ here are some long awaited pictures of my small group girls prom. Sorry girls that it has taken me so long to edit them but hopefully it was worth the wait. You all are so beautiful!!!! These are just the couple portraits. My next post will be more group shots. Enjoy!

Love the sass Shelby! Sassy is the new classy right?

Lindsay, so glad that we got to meet for a second time. Hope we get to meet a third!

That’s right. Show off the beautiful part of the picture. He has caught on at an early age. Sure to succeed.

Stunning Ky. Simply stunning.

So…it may have been a little sunny. Had to post these just because they are funny.

LOVE that face Kris. Love it.

Kris, I am obsessed with your face in the one on the left. You are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Hayden, thanks for being original with your ‘silly’ pose. I love how comfortable you are in that dress.


I think that Hannah is laughing in almost all of my photos of her. Perfect. Beautiful without even trying.

Erin, I love the way your laugh photographs. So genuine. Can I borrow it sometime?


Dovie, you are so beautiful that any guy in this picture would have been overpowered. You rock the single ladies pose…even though you aren’t single 🙂

Ashley, so glad that we got to meet! Hope there is another meeting sometime soon. LOVED your dress. Can I borrow it for my next prom?

Angelica, you are pretty in pink. Or really more beautiful in pink but it’s a phrase so I’ll go with it!

Alex, you might be the only person I know who can do a pirate face and still manage to look so stunning. Keep that in mind for all other photo shoots in the future…


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