The Splendidness of Kindred Spirits.

When I was younger, I was addicted to Anne of Green Gables books. If you are wondering right now who is Anne and what in the world is a Green Gable, then might I suggest you be very quiet for a second and strain to hear a faint sorrowful gasp coming from the hills of Branson, MO. I certainly do not condemn you for your lack of familiarity with this great story, but I am unashamed to say that I pity you. Anne is Anne Shirley and Green Gables is the quaint yet richly adventurous setting of quite possibly the best children’s story of all time. Yes, I am aware of the very bold statement I made there and yes I stand behind it. Whether you are 55 or 10 years old, if you have NOT read the magical story of the wildly adventurous, desperately loyal, hopelessly dramatic and recklessly passionate Anne Shirley, it is never too late to join in on the greatness. Lucy Maud Montgomery wonderfully crafts the character of red-haired Anne Shirley as she faces the ups and downs of life, love and learning. If you haven’t already picked up on this, I’m a big fan. I confess that there were days when I would get lost in my head and dream that I was Anne Shirley and that despite pulling on my braids and acting like we were enemies, Gilbert Blythe was secretly vying for my love. Oh Gil…

Anyway, I digress (yet again with the long intros). I did not just go on a rant for nothing but indeed I have a point. One of my favorite quotes from the fiery Anne Shirley is this: “Kindred spirits are not so scare as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” Growing up on the captivating tales of Anne of Green Gables, I began to become particularly fond of this phrase, kindred spirit. It is, at it’s core, a beautiful description of a person that shares more with you than a simple bond of friendship but more a ‘heart connection’ as I like to call it. They share your core beliefs, are compassionate to your brokenness, share in your joys and your sufferings, have the same vision in life and are committed to your well being. They are a heart friend. The word kindred itself means family, so in many ways the term suggests a kinship in spirit. SIS. Sisters in Spirit. Undeservingly, I have been incredibly blessed to have several ‘kindred spirits’ in my 25 years and am SO very grateful for them.

It is this kindred spirit notion that comes to mind when I think of my B.O.B.s small group. Each of them possess different strengths and weaknesses, different passions and interests and will lead different lives as they continue to grow into adulthood. However, at the core of their spirit, they are to me kindred because they share a commonality that cannot be created. With the Lord at the center of their lives, they become unified in a way that is invaluably special. My prayer is that we all cherish the kindred spirits that are placed in our paths and despite inevitable differences, that we recognize the ‘splendidness’ to which my sweet Anne Shirley so passionately testifies. 

Being an identical twin, I am especially fond of these photos. In my life, it is the ultimate kindred spirit relationship.

Hayden: Why can’t you just be normal and take a normal picture.

Hannah: (laughs)

Love this picture.

Shelby, there is no denying it. Great legs 🙂

Guys and Dolls: The remake.

Next month’s cover of GQ magazine.


I’m all about the sass.

Beautiful. Inside and out.

She was without escort by her own accord. But…

They made their best attempt.

Date night.

Thanks to Alex’s family for letting everyone come to the Bradford Inn. And thanks to Angelica’s family for allowing all of us to raid their house.

Candidly beautiful.


Happy Wednesday!!!


3 thoughts on “The Splendidness of Kindred Spirits.

  1. Umm…I WAS Anne of Green Gables. Quite literally actually. My senior year I had the wonderful opportunity of portraying her in Anne of Green Gables the musical. It was fantastic that I just had to act like I did when I was twelve. 🙂

    These are my favorite book series and movies of all time. Kindred spirits we are, Mary Fields!

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