Report Cards and a Sneak Peek.

Some people find themselves suffocating beneath the weight and pressure of an evaluation. The idea of a report card makes them vomit or break out into a cold sweat. They prefer evaluations that include words like improving, succeeding, progressing, etc. instead of a single letter. A single letter that carries way too much weight. Some people, however, live for that letter. They are motivated by a grade. Inspired. Encouraged. Driven. They thrive under the pressure of working hard to get an evaluation. They yearn for something to gauge their accomplishment. So, unless they are Hester Prynne (Scarlet Letter reference…if you haven’t read it your High School English teacher failed you) this group holds their breath as they wait and hope for that much coveted  A.

I would fall into the latter category. It’s true. I confess. I live for the grade. It motivates me. The perfectionist in me comes strongly to the surface whenever a grade is involved and I’m afraid that it always will. If it was a group grade, you were on board whether I had to carry you to A plus-ship or not…which unfortunately got me into a lot of late nights as I picked up the slack for oh so many ‘team’ members.

All that to say, I’m giving myself a grade for my blogging as of late. Drum roll please. F+. Yep, I’m not even sure there is such a thing as an F+ but I’m giving it to myself. I haven’t blogged in 14 days!!!! FOURTEEN!!!! That is tragic. Unacceptable. Inconceivable. Unforgivable. Ok so maybe thats a little dramatic but it has been a while and I know that I can do better! (do you sense the perfectionist coming out?). So, here is to motivation by failing grades.

A little sneak peek of a photo shoot I did with my sister and her husband a few weeks ago. She made me promise to get her permission on which ones to put up and while I agreed, I’m going to fudge a little bit. Who doesn’t love a little fudge anyway right?


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