Cruisin’ the Bahamas: Sneak Peek.

Catch up. That’s what my ‘vacation’ week has been about. Catching up on all of the photo editing and blog posting that I missed with the craziness of summer. Unfortunately, I can’t even keep up with the catch up. Oh well…I’m giving myself grace. So today’s post will be short, as I have been doing a number of other things, and it won’t even really be that complete. Today is a little bit of a sneak peek, a snack if you will, of some pictures I took on my Bahamian birthday cruise that I took with Beth last April. I’ll post the rest soon…I hope. Until then have a wonderful Friday!

I will probably miss a post tomorrow (unforgiveable I know) because I am off for yet another wedding deep in South Texas. You may remember my post about two Texas lovebirds whose engagement pictures I took earlier this year. The time has come for them to get hitched and as it turns out, I am going to third shoot their wedding. In Lehman’s terms I will be one of three photographers. SO very excited. My friend Daniel is a videographer for a really neat church in Oklahoma City and they are allowing him to bring some extra fun gear. Let’s just say I’ll be shooting with a Canon 7D which for an aspiring photographer is like being Michael Phelps at an Olympic Pool. Inspiring and heavenly. I might be drooling a little bit just thinking about it. Don’t judge me.


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