Family Home Videos.

Tonight I took a hilarious/embarrassing walk down memory lane. I spent the evening watching home videos with my dad and boy was it entertaining. It’s a funny thing when you watch your ten year old self and think, ‘was I really like that?!?!?’ With buck teeth, a MAJOR overbite, no sense of style and glasses three times too big for my face…I was quite a sight. I can’t say that I have done much in the style department but thanks to the amazing works of my dentist and optometrist…I have redeemed myself at least a little in the last 15 years. Not bad. What was especially strange was the fact that a lot of the scenes I saw in the videos, I actually remembered. Weird. I totally felt myself turning into my parents and saying things like, ‘Man, that seemed like yesterday,’ and ‘Wow, time goes by so fast. I don’t feel that old.’ As strange a feeling as that is, it was special to watch those videos and remember sweet times with my precious family.

One of the videos we watched was of Easter in 1995 or something. My sisters and I were showing what we thought was the world our freshly died Easter eggs and boasting of their beauty. It was a rich time. It reminded me though that I had not posted any pictures of this past Easter so I thought I’d share a few. Way back in April, my family (minus my oldest sister and her husband) traveled to Orlando, FL to spend Easter with my twin sister, Beth. Her boyfriend joined us for a day on the beach and boy was it a great day. We stayed at a friend’s condo on New Smyrna Beach and woke up on Easter to Sunday to a beautiful sunrise over the water. I love the beach and looking at these pictures makes me want to be there right now…


Below: Hilarious. My parents are impersonating each other’s personalities on the left. 

Happy Thursday!


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