A Life Lesson: Learning the Hard Way.



She fell for a gimmick. She’s the kind of person they identify as their target audience as they sit and brainstorm during their marketing meetings somewhere in their high rise conference rooms. Young. Inexperienced. A little naive. Idealistic. Always believing the best in people. Yep, they got the best of her…and boy am I glad.

You see, part of growing up is taking other people’s advice and applying it so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel that your parents spent years building. They slave away for 18+ years trying to instill in you all the knowledge that they have stored up in their wise old brains, hoping just hoping that you will heed their wisdom. Yet, for some reason, probably linked to youthful self-confidence, it is inevitable that we learn the other way. The hard way. Or maybe, instead of youthful self-confidence we do it innately because it’s just better that way. The hard way that is. The more that I consider it the more I am convinced the the hard way is a much better teacher. Probably because its authentic. Close to home. Real instead of hypothetical. Life experience is what makes a man/woman the most mature.

So, in the name of such ‘trial and error’ life experience, my sister and I traveled off the to the Bahamas last April for a gimmick cruise. They had called her a year before with ‘an offer that she couldn’t refuse.’ A practically free cruise for two…but only if she acted NOW. Well, in a moment of desperation and weakness she gave in against her better judgment. With the deed done, she decided to make the best of it and take me on a 25th birthday celebration. I headed down Easter weekend and the adventure began and boy was it an experience I will never forget. I will refrain from going into details but the highlights included a small and far from clean room, food that we defined as ‘less appetizing than average buffet food’, entertainment that would have made Branson, MO look like Broadway and a finale that included a 3 hour Time Share presentation that made me almost use words that have never graced my mouth. I will share the stories in more detail by request. Believe me, they make for good entertainment. Needless to say, it was a life experience that helped us to mature into women that will never fall for another gimmick. However, in spite of the ‘less than luxurious’ nature of our trip, it was one that was very special. Getting to take an adventure with your best friend since birth..or really conception…is such a valuable thing. Bad food, poor entertainment, cuss words and all 🙂 What fun is life without some outrageous stories? Now, I’ll store it away so that I can share with my kids all the reasons not to fall for gimmicks. Chances are, though, they will learn the hard way…and I hope they do.

Blessed by time with my wombmate!!! Here is to more life experiences with Beth Powell!

Enjoy some of the pictures of our ‘gimmick cruise.’

Beth and I are both reading a book that is radically changing our lives. I recommend it. Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung. 

We found this awesome old ship that was a fun playground. Very Pirates of the Caribbeanesque.


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