Peter Pan: The Genius.

I won’t grow up. I don’t wanna go to school… or in my case just insert the word work.

Don’t you wish you could just be a Disney character with a funny green hat, strange ‘boy’ leggings and a funny little fairy friend who had cotton balls on her shoes? You’d sprinkle a little pixi dust on yourself, think happy thoughts and then take the second star to the right and head straight on til morning! Off you’d go to a world of pirates, mermaids, indians and crocodiles with clocks in their stomaches and an appetite for hands (weird). Adventure would be at your fingertips and that’s not even the best part. Nope. The best part is that you could sing songs like ‘I won’t grow up’ and you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t grow up. You could stay a kid forever and never have to face the reality of adulthood.

Well friends, I think Peter Pan was on to something. A simple refusal not to grow up. If only we could all do that but unfortunately my green hat and leggings are at the cleaners and I’m fresh out of pixi dust. Not to mention that the last time I checked I’m a dimension ahead. (3D not 2D that is) So, naturally that meant that I had to head back to work today after 3 months at kamp and a week off for vacation. Boo. However, after the day is done and the work is complete, there is a strange satisfaction in the things of adulthood. Funny how that works. At the end of the day, I still might side with Peter’s philosophy on life  but I cannot deny that the Darlings weren’t completely clueless either. My simple thoughts for the day.

To symbolize my mood in heading back to work, I have given a sneak peek of a wedding I shot earlier this summer. The ring bearer was quite the character and his attitude in this photo pretty well sums up the way I felt this morning on the way into the office. Enjoy and Happy Tuesday!


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