My Student Loan Isn’t Completely Pointless.

About halfway through my freshman year of college I found out that my parents had taken a student loan out in order for me to attend the University of Oklahoma. Fall semester 2004 was completely blissful because I was ignorantly unaware that my life was becoming less and less mine and more and more some financial institution’s. Yep, somehow my parents just ‘failed to mention’ that I was now bound in financial chains to someone named Sallie Mae. Her name would suggest that she is sweet and maybe from the deep south where we associate warm hospitality and delicious aromas of home cookin’. But NO. She is a devil in disguise. Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but nonetheless, Sallie Mae and I are not friends. We’re more like coworkers that tolerate each other because you have to in order to keep your job. There is a good chance that I am a little bit more hostile toward Sallie Mae because my degree in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish has not been as useful in my adult life as I would like, seeing as how I’m still paying for it. However, today as I was editing some pictures, there was a sweet realization of purpose. You see, a requirement of the Journalism and Mass Communication department at OU is Adobe Photoshop 1. So, as I was navigating the confusing world of PS CS4 with at least more know how than the average Joe, I became very grateful for my degree and the training it has given me. At least that one class anyway. With that purpose in mind, my disdain for Sallie Mae as increased at least to reluctant tolerance. When I can carry on a full conversation with someone in Spanish next time I’m in Mexico it just might increase to conditional acceptance. Until then, we will remain at odds.

Here is some Photoshop fun that I had tonight. Is it lame that my idea of fun includes Photoshop? Absolutely. Some people may think it’s bad that I show the before and after because you want to give the impression that you just shoot with that much ___ (fill in the blank). However, I’m okay with being honest. I enhance my shots and that’s fine with me. Goal would be to have to enhance less as I improve. Until then, Photoshop and I are dear friends…unlike you know who. Happy Thursday!

(Sorry to all PC users. I have discovered that my images are stretched on some PCs. Trying to figure out why. Hopefully it will be fixed soon)

This precious chica was a flower girl in a wedding I shot this summer. Beautiful. Pictures of that wedding coming soon!

Bride and Groom. I love the old timeless feel that it produces.




Same couple. Beautiful. It shows an element of attachment and security that I love. She is safe in his arms. (taken moments after the ceremony)


Mi gemela (notice the Spanish that is coming out already. Sallie Mae is desperate to be my friend!). Shot taken in New York on the steps of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC lat fall.


5 thoughts on “My Student Loan Isn’t Completely Pointless.

  1. Love your blog.

    Your twin is seriously awesome…which would obviously indicate your own personal brilliance…

  2. Hi Mary:
    Loved you post! You are a really gifted, funny writer…yet another thing to be thankful for when sending your next check to Sallie Mae 🙂
    Have you thought about writing for a magazine, website, online news paper? You could use both language and photography skills. In the mean time, our family is working to learn Spanish starting this year, at least we will know who to call. So glad to know you sweet girl! When you come see your sis, we would love to have you for dinner.
    Blessings! Taubys

  3. Ah the good ol’ JMC major. 🙂 You know, Mary, you use your JMC skills everyday. The fact that you can write a good sentence and, with just a few concise words, make people laugh is really a talent. You take beautiful photographs (and I mean who doesn’t love Photoshop anyway…although CS5 takes some getting used to). I’ve also noticed that JMCers read and watch differently. We’re more aware of the “behind-the-scenes” of it all and are more aware of good AP style.

    Just wanted to let you know that I understand. I was JMC with a visual communications minor.

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