Love So Sweet: Debbie + Justin

They made my job easy. Never have I seen two people so in love that they were LITERALLY glowing. Most people feel awkward in front of a camera and aren’t really sure what to do with themselves, their arms and legs suddenly feeling unnatural as if they don’t belong on their body. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. As I took Debbie and Justin’s engagement pictures however, it was like I wasn’t even there. In a good way that is. They were complete naturals and it certainly wasn’t because they had spent years at a modeling agency or because they had ANTM watch parties every Wednesday night. (That’s America’s Next Top Model for you non Tyra fans). No, it was simply because they were madly in love. The world quite literally melts away when they are together, which made for a beautiful engagement shoot. I was particularly grateful šŸ™‚

What a love story they have too. She was a women’s Christian youth director in Stillwater, OK whose crush on a much younger man (4 yrs. 10 months I think) was not quite ideal. Not to mention that he was a student leader in the ministry and was off limits…literally. He was a student at OSU who simply couldn’t deny that she was unlike any other. She caught his eye and he couldn’t look away. His crush on an older woman and one who was off limits as well provided a little bit of a problem. Yet, in the midst of it all, they honored the Lord and the student/director policy. Unable to shake their growing feelings, however, he took a bold step. Asking her board if he could have special permission to date her, they started their adventurous relationship in December. At the end of April, after Ā first time ‘I Love Yous’ said over a perfect sunset on Lake Hefner, they were engaged. I am not usually one for cliches, but in this instance it is just true. They are perfect for each other.

Debbie has been one of my best friends over the last several years and I am so grateful that she allowed me to document their sweet love. I will actually have the privilege of standing next to her on her wedding day (coming soon in October) and joining in agreement as she makes her vows to Justin, the love of her life. Not only do I have no hesitation in standing in agreement, but I have the utmost joy. God has done a great work in bringing these two together and I cannot wait to see what their union produces. They are better together than apart!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. (Also see my Sneak Peek post from earlier this week)There were so many I just couldn’t narrow it down so there are A LOT! Enjoy!

Happy Sunday!


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