They are fighters.

Whether it be 50+ years ago or 9 years ago, August 29th has a special place in my heart. I love the month of August for many reasons. Namely that it’s still summer which means warm weather and if you know me at all, you know warm weather keeps me happy. Me in the winter….hmmm not a good thing. However, I am particularly fond of the month of August, especially the 29th of August, because its a day to commemorate two of my favorite people in the whole entire world. Yes, I realize that’s a bold statement because there are a LOT of people in the world. Yes, I realize I may not have the credibility to say that with 100% confidence because NO I have not met every person in the world. Nevertheless, I stand by my original statement because I am so deeply convicted that it is true. You see, August 29th is the birth date of my wonderful mother and sweet Caleb. Ironically, they have something in common. They are fighters.

My mom was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby. Though it was a mild case, it had every reason to effect numerous areas of life. With admirable determination, however, she didn’t let it. So much so, that most people wouldn’t even know. She is a fighter.

Caleb was born with down syndrome, a condition that is highly dehabilitating depending on the severity. With the help of a family so loving, encouraging and challenging, however, he fights through it. He is incredibly self-sufficient, so much so, that most people wouldn’t even know. He is a fighter.

My mom is a rock. She doesn’t realize it but she truly is. She is one of the strongest people I know, always fighting through even when things woulds seem to0 heavy to bear. You would never know it either because she carries it like a champ. Her smile lights up a room and she makes everyone feel instantly at peace when they are in her presence. Strangers? She knows none. She is smart, always holding herself to the highest standard. She is faithful, relentlessly holding on to her God. She is compassionate, loving those that aren’t always easy to love. She is hardworking, not always knowing when to sit still 🙂 She is bold, speaking truth in a ‘tough love kind’ of way and yet, people seem to always walk away feeling more love than toughness. A true gift. She is an incredible example of the woman I want to be. She is precious. She is a delight. She makes my heart full.

Caleb is a joy. He is one of the coolest kids I have ever met. LITERALLY. I first met Caleb 4 years ago when I babysat him and his sister, Claire, for a summer at Kanakuk Kamps. I later moved into his family’s house 2 years ago when they so graciously asked me to live there (for free) when I moved to town. (let that be an insight into the love and generousity that this family extends). My years with him have been incredibly sweet. The highlights of my day often include Caleb time, especially our morning breakfasts together. He is a servant, always seeking for ways to help on his own accord. He is an encourager, consistently quick to tell you ‘you look pretty today’ or ‘I really like that dress on you.’ He is funny, making some of the best faces I have ever seen. He is a connoisseur of music and movies, having every line memorized. No really. He is a lover of life, always getting excited about the ‘small’ things. He is precious. He is a delight. He makes my heart full.

August 29th is a special day because I get to celebrate two VERY special people. So Happy Birthday to my mom and to Caleb and Happy Monday!!!

(the pictures are from an excursion I took Caleb, Claire and two of their friends on over the weekend. We went to the beach at the lake and had a blast. Then we went to Build-A-Bear. Let me tell you, I was SO exhausted at the end. It made me appreciate my mother in whole new ways! Thanks Momma for all of your time and energy you put into raising us girls…I don’t know how you did it!!!!! Seriously. Enjoy!)


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