Summer Lovin’: Graham and Kasey Wedding Part 1

It was a HOT summer day in early June and love was in the air as we all gathered in the beautiful Integrity Hills Chapel over Table Rock Lake. The sun was high in the sky and it was a beautifully perfect kind of blue. The kind that only summer can bring. You see, summer lovin’ has an all new meaning with Graham and Kasey. Their love signifies a much deeper kind than Danny and Sandy belted about in Grease’s ‘Summer Lovin’, which is saying a lot because we know how much their love meant…right? (Can’t help it, I grew up on Grease) Graham and Kasey’s love developed in the heat of summer but it was more than just a fling. This was evident on their wedding day as they made their vows to love each other forever…til death did they part.

Graham and Kasey met at Kanakuk Kauai Family Kamp (hence the heat of summer) a few years back and I had the privilege of second photographing their wedding with Daniel Daily. I have posted a sneak peek and a photoshop demo post with a few of their pictures featured but now begins my ‘actual’ posts. This one is particularly focused on the pre-ceremony. Unfortunately, Daniel was with Graham so most of my photos are of Kasey but the bride is the featured item of the day anyway right? Right. I’ll post ceremony, reception and details in the posts to follow. Enjoy!

Happy Thursday!

(Announcement: I have lost my wisdom. I got my wisdom teeth…correction tooth cause I only had one…out yesterday so I was laid up all day which meant I had a LOT of time to edit. Hence the many pictures. The next post probably won’t be as long. Well, knowing me it probably will. Oh well.)


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