Christmas in Hawaii.

Last Friday was like Christmas. No, it was like Christmas morning when you had celebrated your birthday the day before. No, it was like Christmas morning, with your birthday the day before and your college graduation the day before that. No, it was like Christmas morning, with your birthday the day before, your college graduation the day before that…all celebrated in Hawaii. No, it was…ok I’m done. Let’s just say it was a really great day. I felt giddy with excitement in a silly school girl kind of way. You know, when a cute boy just asked her out and she goes and giggles uncontrollably with her friends. Yep, that was me. Giggling uncontrollably. Why you ask?  Well, I’m afraid I’m about to let you down. Drum roll please. I was giggling like a silly school girl, like it was Christmas in Hawaii, because my new lens arrived in the mail. Now, while you are about to click out of this silly post because you can’t relate, I am beaming from ear to ear because this was a monumental day! A 50 mm 1.2 Canon L Series lens arrived at my desk!!!! Could there be any greater news?!?!? (Warning: Crazy Photog Nerd Alert)

It’s true though. IT came and I was unbelievably excited. It may not be clear to other people, but to me this was a monumental day in my photography career and I’m in LOVE with this lens. I took it home and immediately started playing with it. Commence more school girl giggling. What can I say? I love to giggle. I think my Canon 50mm and I are going to be giddy for a while so don’t mind me. I’ll just be enjoying my Christmas/birthday/graduation party on the shores of Hawaii. Don’t worry. I’ll send you a postcard.

Here are some images I took with the new lens that I thought I’d share. You may not be able to tell a difference but I sure can. These are practically SOC (straight out of camera) with only a few retouches. Awesome. This is one cute kid that I got to play with out at Moonshine Beach during the Kanakuk Institute Welcome Week festivities. So fun. Happy Monday! (if there is such a thing)


One thought on “Christmas in Hawaii.

  1. Thanks for taking those pics, Mary! You are good!! I don’t know anything about camera lenses, but I’m glad you love yours 🙂

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