Mickie and Minnie on a Moonlit Night

Mickey and Minnie will feel so glad Thinkin about all the fun they had of how everything turned out so right On a moonlit Niiiiiiiiiight…we sang at the top of our lungs.

Contentment. Sweet contentment that brings a peacefulness so freeing you feel like there is a good chance that you will never feel that content again. So content it’s almost overwhelming. Not the ‘knock you off your feet’ kind of overwhelming but more like a quiet sense of peace. Like slipping your cold feet into warm slippers. Like changing into a comfortable pair of sweats after wearing a dress all day. Like holding a sleeping child. That kind of overwhelming. That was all I felt that night as the music blared from the conversion van as it sat on Campbell field, probably waking up all of the neighbors. In a season of life that has definitely had its moments of confusion, hurt and anxiety, it’s this kind of night that I cherish. Treasure. Cling to. It was a Mickey and Minnie on a Moonlit Night kind of night.

I live with the coolest family (besides my own of course) known to man. I have written a little bit about them in previous posts but they have been my second family for the last four years. They treat me like I’m their own, loving me unconditionally and welcoming me in with open arms. They are a gift.

When I first moved in two years ago, they told me about a family tradition that had somewhat gotten lost as their oldest children had moved on and were starting families of their own. Now with two surprise little ones at home, they decided to start the tradition up again. Luckily, I was in the right place at the right time because I wouldn’t have missed this experience for the world.

Mickey and Minnie on a Moonlit Night they called it. Disney had produced a ‘Rock Around the Mouse’ CD way back in the day with 50s at the Hop style tunes. One of the top ‘hits’ was none other than ‘Mickie and Minnie on a Moonlit Night.’ Tradition would have it to load up everyone late at night on a full moon and go watch it, followed by a treat somewhere in town. Awesome. Special. Memorable. They had lost the music after the 12 year gap (then on cassette) but I bought them the CD for a birthday last year. Over the past two years, we have had many a moonlit night. We count down the days til it’s a full moon, load up the car and begin an adventure. Simple but then again, not.

Monday was a full moon and probably my favorite of our excursions. We loaded up the conversion van with homemade pizzookies in hand, drenched in delectable mint chocolate chip ice cream, and headed out. We pulled into our neighbors driveway, honking the horn and blaring the music as loud as we could, the simple melody flooding the air. “Mickie and Minnie! It’s a Mickie and Minnie night!” we yelled like crazies. In a flashback to a Mayberry type neighborhood, they came running out and joined us…ignoring the fact that it was 9 pm on a school night. We ran out into the field, threw a football in the dark, spun around in circles until we were so dizzy we fell down and laughed til our stomach hurt too much to breathe. Some people may call me crazy for not doing what ’25 year olds do’ but I have one response. It’s moments like these that matter. That leave you satisfied. Purposeful. Peaceful. Content.

So no matter where I am, when I look up into the sky and see that beautiful round circle, I hope I’m having a Mickie and Minnie kind of night.

Happy Friday!


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