Do Hard Things.

“Way to go! You can do it! Keep going! You’re doing great!

Those were the words that I said over and over and over again Sunday as hundreds of people swam, pedaled and ran for 70.3 miles. No, that wasn’t a typo. 70.3 miles. I know, I don’t get it either, but I was there to cheer them on and give them what little encouragement I could. Rain fell hard on us all at the end of the day and while I didn’t exactly appreciate the fact that my feet were soaking wet and my camera was at risk, I couldn’t exactly complain. You see, I was on the sidelines while they were doing the hard work. So I just kept cheering. Doing my small part. “We believe in you!”

I was editing my pictures from Sunday’s Half Iron Man that came to town and I discovered a life lesson along the way, as is often the case while I edit. Something pops into my head and I stay up way too late blogging about it. Oh well. Today’s life lesson was nothing too profound but I’ll share nonetheless. As hundreds of people spent the morning ‘doing hard things,’ I became aware of how important it is to have encouragers along the way. I can get up this hill because I know they are waiting for me. I can make this last lap because they’ll be there to welcome me at the finish line. I can. I can. My life has had some very dramatic changes as of late (I’ll fill in the cyber world soon enough) which has made me innately aware of my need of encouragement. Thankfully, I have the greatest friends and family a girl could ask for. They have been a rock. God has used close friends but also distant ones to lift me up lately in a way I have never experienced. It’s been sweet. It’s been rich. So, even though I’m not actually trekking 70.3 miles, in some ways it feels like 100.3 and I’m so grateful for my cheerleaders along the way. They believe in me and I gain courage from them. I can do hard things.

Be encouraged! I believe in you!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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