Sneak Peek: Houston Family

I know I know. I’m a liar. Flat out. I lied to your faces…or well your face through cyberspace. Maybe that makes it a little better. I only lied to your cyberspace face. Poet who didnt know it.

Ok, so I digress. At the bottom of my last post I promised that if you tuned in the next day, I would tell you where I’ll be heading on my new adventure. If you were a faithful follower (all 6 of you!) you probably checked in with eager anticipation only to find that Mary let you down, giving false advertisement. Well, I am making a public apology for this. Life has been INSANE trying to move and get time with people. I just haven’t had time to do an adequate blog post for such a significant topic. Aaaaaand I still don’t. I’m afraid you are just going to have to stay tuned (hopefully tomorrow) for a post about my future plans. Until then, here are some sneak peek pictures of a shoot I did today with one of the most beautiful families I know! More to come later…and not sure when that later will be but later 🙂 (My brain is on overload so my posting of the next few days may be scattered. Crazy transitions).

Enjoy! Happy Monday!

P.S. By the time I move, I’ll have done 6 photo shoots in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, moving is my main focus right now but as soon as I’m settled, get ready for some long photo blogs! Until then, sneak peeks will just have to suffice.


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Houston Family

  1. Mary you did such a great job!! You are a wonderful photographer!! I can’t believe how big all of the Houston kids have gotten!! They are so cute!!

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