Simple Math.

People who know me think that I’m crazy and well, let’s face it, I probably am. ‘Good crazy’ is the way I justify it and I need to justify it or else I may start agreeing with them. Why do my friends shake their heads when they think of me? Simple. I keep a ridiculous schedule. A week ago today I was packing up my life. Last Friday I moved. Saturday morning I flew to Florida. Tuesday I drove to St. Petersburg. Wednesday I drove back to Orlando. Today I fly to Kansas City. Sunday I fly home…or what has been home for the three short hours I was there.

I was telling my sister yesterday that I have a hard time buying a shirt that costs more than $15 but I have no problem spending $50+ on gas to drive to St. Petersburg in order to spend 12 hours with friends. Out of whack? Maybe. But those are my priorities and I’m sticking to them. I may die at an early age but I really am ok with that if it means that I’ve made memories and built relationships with people. After all, that’s much more eternal than an expensive piece of clothing that will last me a few years…tops. Eternity > A few years. Simple math.

Anyway, excited to head to KC in order to celebrate with Debbie and Justin as they say their vows and start their lifelong adventure known as marriage. You may remember my engagement session of them a few months ago. So excited to stand next to her in agreement of their convenant. This being my 9th wedding as a bridesmaid, I know that I probably won’t have much time to blog so hang tight until life ‘slows down.’ (As if I even know what that is). Maybe then I’ll blog about where home is these days. Maybe. Until then, enjoy some pictures of my latest excursion to St. Pete, FL. Beautiful.

Happy Thursday!


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