Sisters Are A Comin’

I’ll keep this pretty short cause I’m in a bit of a hurry…heading to the Texas State Fair. Official business. Gotta get me a famous corn dog and lose a couple years of my life eating fried food. Seriously. Not an exaggeration. They sell fried butter. And people eat it. And inevitably they lose a few years of life. But I digress…

This weekend my sisters are coming to town and I couldn’t be more excited! We haven’t all been together since May and we didn’t think we’d all be together again until Christmas. Thanks to Beth (she got engaged) we have a reason to make it happen! Wedding dress shopping. So Friday evening they will all come from different directions (Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Florida) and we will begin the festivities. I’m like a little kid waiting for Santa Clause. So, in anticipation for their arrival, I decided to do a little tribute to my three beautiful sisters. We look very little alike (well except Beth and I) but if you spend any time around us, you will know we are related. If anything just by the way we giggle. They have been such troopers over the years being my best models, for reasons that include 1. their price 2. their availability 3. their cooperation 4. their natural beauty. Enjoy! (from a few different shoots in the last two years)

Happy Wednesday!

Allison: The Oldest 

Emily: The Youngest

Beth: The Engaged. And my twin…if you couldn’t tell.


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