Fried Everything.

The Texas State Fair. A unique place. Where Big Tex ushers you in with his thick Texas drawl saying, “Welcome to the State Fair of Texas y’all.” Where the goal is to fry the most unique thing. Fried oreos. Fried cookie dough. Fried ice cream. (not sure how this is possible)  Fried Alligator. Oh and this year’s winner…Fried bubblegum. Tasty? I think not. It’s a shrine to everything that makes the American people so unhealthy. Yet, state fairs also represent good ole’ American fun. With ferris wheels, funnel cakes and rides that make you feel like you might see your lunch again, it remains a fun experience. Here are a few from my excursion last week. My parents and I spent the afternoon visiting different booths (my particular favorite being the Sushi man who was rolling carrots and pickles. No joke) and people watching as they all gorged themselves on everything fried. We ourselves partook of the famous Fletcher’s corn dogs…a must if you step inside the gates. Overall it was a real fine time y’all! (Trying to fit in) Enjoy!

Happy Monday!

The carrot and pickle roll. Sick. 

Sushi “Master.”

Fried…(Insert anything and everything)

The one where you lose your lunch. 

Still can’t quite figure it out. 

Big Tex.


Went straight to my thighs. 

My new place of residence. 

Where we showed Texas who was boss.

My pretty Momma.

I’ll leave you with this last shot. Pretty Texas sunset. 


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