The Blessing of Grandchildren: Werling Family.

A few months ago one of my coworkers asked me if I’d be willing to take some pictures of her grandkids. Having never met them before I was a little nervous since up to that point all of the kids I had photographed were friends. Knowing her, however, I was pretty sure that it would be a fun shoot, especially when she told me she had 7 of them. SEVEN. It’s one thing to photograph one or two kids at a time, but 7 is a whole other story. So, determined to take on the challenge, we headed out to the Branson airport, my new favorite spot for photo shoots because of the variety of landscaping. A challenge? Yes. But such a fun one! In the midst of managing the light to shoot all the kids, ages ranging from 3-16, I had such a blast! Showing up reppin’ their hometown Branson Pirates in red and black, we had a good time playing football in the street and just being them. These two families were such a joy, made up of so many different personalities which made the experience quite entertaining. Enjoy some of my favorites…but be careful. There are a lot!

Happy Wednesday!

Look at those eyes.


Future Sam Bradford.



Talk about pretty eyes. And oh those freckles. So jealous.

Work it girl.

Sisters. Makes me miss mine.


She’s a trooper.

Family football team.

Beautiful family.


Cousins. Makes me miss mine.


Love it.



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