50.4% Sure.

“Maybe I am a theologian after all,” I told my Dad last night as we were discussing some deep topic he had been mulling over in 1 Peter 3. Yep. I was pretty proud of myself at the conclusion I had come to on the issue and was convinced that it had to be right. I was sure of it. Bet my life on it. Ok…maybe not but I was pretty sure. As in 50.4% sure. I may not be writing any Wayne Grudem style “Systematic Theology” books but surely I had some theologian-ness (yes that’s a word. I’m 50.4% sure) in me somewhere.

Well, I may not be considered a theologian but I DO love to pursue/ponder the deeper things of God because it always has the same effect. It brings me to my knees. So today, I am off before the sun to join a friend of mine at Dallas Theological Seminary. Her first class is bright and early…like too early…and is entitled ‘Spiritual Life.’ While I think that 7:45 am is too early to live in any way that would be considered ‘spiritual,’ I really can’t wait. As you can see, I’ve got my notepad all ready to go. Yes, I am that student. Don’t judge. Here’s to being a student again! Maybe if I try my best to use words like ‘protoevangelion,’ ‘soteriology’ and ‘dispensationalism’ then I might fool them into believing I’m a true theologian. I’m sure it would work. Like 50.4% sure.

Happy Thursday!


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