A Fatherly Hug.

Today started off terrible. Yep, there were no two ways about it. It was going to be a day defined by mutterings under my breath that would probably be better left notated as “@#$@#$” in order to keep this blog G-rated and God honoring. I don’t typically need to use those symbols so you can see how serious I am about the unfortunate way that this day began. If you have been reading lately you will know that my sleeping patterns have been less than stellar as of late, leaving me desperately reaching for that thing called energy. After a long long day yesterday, I got home late and a few short hours later left for church. Or…that was the plan anyway. My ‘Oh So Reliable’ Jeep Liberty was also struggling to have healthy sleep patterns apparently because I simply could not get her awake this morning. As in she wouldn’t start. Not like battery is dead, that would be bearable. No, a much more serious diagnosis that I’m sure will include a doctor’s bill that will undoubtedly leave me using words that have to be notated with symbols. That is why this day started off terrible.

Ironically, that’s not how the day ended however. As I left my house, driving my mother’s car, I felt weighted down by the stress of life. Exhausted and having to deal with the ‘joys’ of being a car owner, I stepped into church. Praise the Lord that is not how I left. As I stood there listening and worshipping, the Lord spoke very clearly to me. If you are not a follower of Christ, that may seem weird but if you are, you know the peace that comes from situations like those. Peace that transcends all understanding. In a quiet voice, He reminded me of His unending faithfulness and that was all I needed.

It’s a funny thing how God can turn the most frustrating situations and use them for His glory and your greater good. Romans 8:28 speaks so clearly to this by saying “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” What a comfort. It was that word, comfort, that defined my encounter with God today. I was trying to think of a way to describe it, to put it into words that might make some sense to the outside world. Well, later this afternoon I was talking with my father about life and the perfect analogy ensued. In an attempt to show great care, He took me into his arms and gave me the best father/daughter kind of hug. A hug that should be the definition of comfort. If I could put into words the way the Lord calmed my heart and gave me unspeakable peace today, it would be just that. A Fatherly hug. It was as if He came down, enveloped me in His heavenly arms and said, “It’s going to be ok. I am still in control.”

So, I hope that today, if you are feeling overwhelmed by life and finding yourself muttering things under your breath (better left notated by symbols), that you will stop and take a moment. A moment to let Him give you the comfort of a Fatherly hug.

(pictures are of a sweet family I shot a few weeks ago. Full blog post coming soon!)

Happy Monday!



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