True Love.

Today I saw true love. Not the kind that you see in the movies that is measured by how many other beautiful girls you give up to be with ‘the one.’ Not the kind that you see in fairy tales that is measured by how perfectly fitted the glass slipper is. And definitely not the kind that Kim Kardashian confessed to Kris Humphries oh about 80 days ago. 80. As in two and a half months. Just enough time to open all the wedding gifts. No, this was true love…the kind that God ordains and designed. I saw it today as my Granny faithfully served and cared for my Papa as he is struggling through the dreadful effects of chemotherapy. He is fighting and she is fighting with him, right by his side. His sidekick. The Robin to His Batman. The Chewbacca to His Hans Solo. The Mr. Spock to His Captain Kirk. The Watson to His Sherlock. The Samwise to His Frodo. Why? Because no matter what, in sickness and in health, she is by his side. Faithful. Committed, come what may. As she puts it, ‘I’m his wife. He is is my husband. I’m not leaving him.’ That, my friends, is what marriage is to be. A covenant that goes beyond the honeymoon, the beautiful, the easy, the glamorous and the glass slippers. It remains during the tough, the trying, the messy and the painful. It’s been tried and remained resilient. It is not rooted in the feeling and emotion but something much more. Something that lasts. A commitment to each other, before God, that is rooted in vows. Vows that you mean and you cling to. That is true love. Love that I want to emulate. Love that I admire. Love that lasts. Love that is true.


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