Great Plans.

“Mare! I missed you!” he said to me yesterday morning as I came out of my old room, after a month of being away. It made my entire day. No probably my month. Actually, it made my year.

I had these great plans, you see, of finally getting up all the blog posts of shoots I have done lately. I’m far too behind and it’s driving me crazy because generally speaking, I’m not the kind of person that likes to be behind. Well, I suppose that is a debatable argument given me record of constantly trying to catch up as opposed to being one step ahead. Nonetheless, I had these great plans.

However, this week I have the greatest privilege of being a substitute Mom for my two favorite kids in the entire world. They’ve been the subject of many a blog post and really the hardest part of leaving Missouri was leaving them. In many ways, they are more family than friends and I will cherish them all the days of my life. So, their precious lives have brought me back to Branson for a week, after only being away for a month, as they need a stand in Mom while their parents are out of town. I of course volunteered without hesitation. However, being ‘mom’ for a week is a lot more consuming than I realized (yes you would have thought I’d be more aware of that at 25) and so my own personal needs have been put on hold. Definition of parenthood. Making meals, cleaning house, homeschooling, helping with homework, running carpool, taking care of sick ones and handling all the details of life is quite a task! Therefore, with not enough time to do a full photo blog, I’ll settle for this. A sacrifice of my great plans for even greater plans, getting to spend 7 days with these precious two. Here’s to being a substitute Mom!

Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Great Plans.

  1. mary, how can i help you not feel crazy about getting us our pictures…seriously! i can come to you? we leave thursday is the only small hiccup?? i can leave my computer with you and you can get it to jennifer or just my hard drive?? let me know how i can help you?

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