Adventure is Out There.

I grew up with three sisters…no brothers. Can you say estrogen overload? Needless to say that as a result I am GREAT at make believe, playing house, dress up, the use of hair spray, dancing, girl talk, make-up, communication and understanding you and your feelings. Yes you. Being a girl gives you this innate sense of understanding people and their feelings. It’s just true. All these things were characteristic of my childhood and I am not ashamed nor would I have changed them. However, because the testosterone was outweighed 5 to 1 by estrogen in my house, there are a few things I missed out on.

You see, there is one thing that is a definite bi-product of that male hormone my house unfortunately lacked a majority of.


9 times out of 10, where there are males there is a thirst for adventure, especially when you are young in age. There is this part of their brain that I don’t really understand, which is saying a lot considering my incredible ability to understand other people and their feelings. Something snaps in their head and it becomes standard that the crazier the plan, the dirtier you get and the more dangerous it seems, the more they want to do it. Everything is a playground. A blank page for writing a great story. A challenge. An adventure.

That seemed to be the mindset yesterday as I headed off into the woods with the precious boy I’ve been watching and a friend of his. You could see their minds working as they looked for things to create, desperate for adventure. Sticks turned into swords, trees became a jungle gym and the forest became a playground. “Let’s build a fort!” they said. Without hesitation, we began gathering long limbs and crafting our new fortress in the woods that we were sure “could provide us shelter if we were Bear Grylls .” (As a side note, what other occupation could you have with a name like Bear Grylls? A baker? A painter? An accountant? I think not. Your only option is a survivalist that eats grub, drinks fecal liquid from elephant dung, wrestles alligators, utilizes the corpse of a sheep as a sleeping bag and free climbs waterfalls. But I digress.) As we were working, I realized how fun it must be to be a boy, driven by the reckless and the wild, and though I wouldn’t change my childhood for the world, I am grateful for moments like that. Moments where I get to get my hands dirty, spend hours in God’s creation and think like a little boy, for they know something important. Adventure is out there.

Happy Monday!

P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog. Finally getting to put up pics of some recent shoots. Hoping my great plans finally come to fruition. Fingers crossed.

Sticks become swords. Duh.

Boys and their dog. Typical.

Never know when you’re gonna need a rope. 

Jungle Gym.

Watching for bad guys.

So strong.


She came later to help boost the estrogen.

Blue tongue.

The beginnings of the fortress.

We made a door out or rope and tree bark. Resourceful.



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