Team Us: The Todd Family

Turtle Face they called it. “Harper! Turtle Face!” they would say and inevitably, whatever had happened the few moments before melted away, obviously irrelevant and unimportant because Turtle Face was being requested. Her eyes would brighten, eye brows would raise and her sweet little mouth would form into a perfect little “O.” The kind only children can make and the kind that melts your heart, leaving it a helpless puddle on the floor. Literally putty in her hands. We used it all evening as I shot this precious little family. My request to shoot during the ‘golden hour’ of sunlight interrupted sweet Harper’s schedule which is a lot to ask of a mom and dad who are trying to keep their little one’s life as routine as possible (thanks GT and Linds for humoring me!). Needless to say Harper was a trooper but we had a few emotional moments along the way as she found herself standing barefoot in prickly grass instead of at home eating her dinner as she was so used to doing. However, when the tears would well up in her beautiful blue eyes, all we had to do was say, “Harper, Turtle Face,” and the world returned to being an audience to entertain. Entertained we were as she made the greatest expressions I have ever had in a shoot. “I want to capture Harper’s joyfulness,” her dad had said when he first approached me about taking their pictures. Joyful she is and expressive. I had the privilege of working with GT during my years in Missouri and so I got to witness as this beautiful couple became a beautiful threesome. Team Us they call themselves (check out their awesome blog) and that is a perfect description of the way they do life. As a team. GT and Lindsay probably have one of the coolest marriages I have ever seen. They are first and foremost teammates. Teammates that support each other no matter what, are each others biggest fans and make their family a number one priority. When Harper came along, it is that idea of team work that has made their family grow into a beautiful godly unit. It was such an honor to get to capture such a sweet and admirable family. I can’t wait to see how this team continues to develop as they support one another watch little ‘Turtle Face’ grow up. I’m secretly hoping that she will still be making this face 17 years from now in her graduation pics. Fingers crossed. Also, I’m thinking about stealing this face and seeing if it works on other clients. Especially during weddings…

Enjoy! Happy Wednesday!

Team Us + Turtle Face= Priceless.

Poundin’ it with Daddy.

Daddy Love.

They brought this beautiful rocking horse with them that was Lindsay’s when she was a little girl. It has her birthdate on one side and Harper’s on another. Love it.

Cazy Dad. Don’t you know this is for kids?

That prickly grass I was talking about.

Yep, this child is expressive and I LOVE it.

No family should be this beautiful. Seriously.

Turtle Face to the rescue.

Beautiful child.

Pure joy.

The tears are welling up…

Money shot. Tear drop and a Momma’s love. 

Got my bunny and my Momma. All is right in the world. The picture of safety. 

Precious little hands. 

Seriously Linds? Too gorgeous for words and don’t even get me started on the hair. Pure jealousy. (I sent this to GT with a tag line: I’m sending this as a reminder in case you forgot how lucky you are.)

Team Us: A Championship Team. 


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