The Sanity of Color Coded Life-Organizing White Boards.

I’m incredibly late getting this post up but better late than never! Sitting next to me is my new whiteboard that my sweet Granny purchased for me in an attempt to help me organize my life. Color coded according to category (yes I’m that type of person), it is hopefully going to streamline the plethora of things I’ve been needing to tackle. So glad I got to use the word plethora in a blog post. Makes me think of The Three Amigos? Seen it. You should. I digress. Anyway, one of the categories, so proudly repping the pink marker, is Blog Post Weekly Schedule. It says I’m supposed to post Monday-Friday. Whoo! Lofty goal but life should be made up of lofty goals right? So, in an effort to keep up with my handy dandy, life-organizing, color-coded whiteboard….I’m posting late.

I can’t say that this post will even be revolutionary. In fact, I can almost assure you that it is quite the opposite. Oh well though! This is my announcement that I have finally updated the blog pages!!! You are shaking with excitement I know. But really, this is exciting for me because it’s been on the list of things to do for a while. One more thing to erase off the white board. It’s a good day! So, check out the updates I’ve made to the About Me page and my Young Love. Fresh Love page. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday and here’s to whiteboards whose color coordination keep us sane.



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