Joy and Love: The Robbins Family.

As I approached this blog post I figured I’d do it like any other. Just simply pick out my favorites and give a quick highlight of this sweet family’s shoot. Well, as I started to narrow it down, I soon found that I had a problem. They were ALL my favorite!!! Seriously, the Robbin’s family is far too beautiful to be even close to fair to the rest of the world.

If I could pick two words to describe this shoot (which if you know me narrowing it to two words is quite an accomplishment) they would be love and joy. Joy: Their sweet bright eyed beauties were quite possibly the most joyful children I have ever photographed, smiling not just on command but simply because they were happy. Note: A photographer’s dream. Not to mention, in my short time with them they demonstrated the joy a family was designed to convey in the midst of all their interactions. I found myself smiling during the whole thing! Love: First, even in my short time with them, it became evident that Shay and Ashley love each other with admirable reckless abandon. When I started shooting just the two of them (thanks to Shay’s mother for distraction the girls) my first instruction was, “I just want you to be yourself.” Immediately Shay got a sly grin on his face, pulled his bride into his arms and gave her a confident kiss. Of course this was immediately followed by smiles all around as we laughed at his response. It’s that same philosophy of love that undoubtedly filters down to their two precious blonde sweeties. Natural. Genuine. Unashamed. I love that kind of love.

Thanks Shay and Ashley for letting me have a short time with your family where I walked away blessed! It was a privilege!

Happy Monday! Here’s to joy and love!

I believe at this point he was doing the ‘Daddy shake.’ LOVE their reaction. 

I wish my dad could still do this with me. 

Momma love.

Too much fun. And look at those faces!

Quite possibly the cutest smile I have ever seen.

Faithful love. 

Quite possibly my favorite picture of all time. It communicates so much with so little. 

I love this one. So much in just the body language. 

M.O.N.E.Y. shot. Ashley…there are no words.

They are laughing because Ashley had a little trouble forming the heart. 

If I have a choice between this kiss or the almost kiss…always the almost.

He’s lucky and he knows it.

Seriously? So beautiful.

Those eyes.

Cutest smile ever.

Funny sidenote. Ashely brought these beautiful green apples for the shoot. The girls loved them. So much so that I had a hard time getting any shots without them in their mouths! Hilarious!

AAGGHH! Take my breath away!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Duh.



8 thoughts on “Joy and Love: The Robbins Family.

  1. well, mary, i am officialy in TEARS! this was a precious post to me and i was so humbled by your 2 words…i just prayed this morning that our home would continue to have joyful love! the Lord is so cool! Sure thankful for your heart!

  2. You were so right. The joy and love in these photographs brought smiley tears to my eyes. I love the Robbins’ story too. When we trust in the Lord, He brings great blessing!

  3. these are so good i want to cry. thanks so much Mary. you are so talented! you are going to be busy shooting photos as long as you choose to do so.

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