He Knows Everything: Wisdom, Beards, Blogs and Pocket Watches.

He knows everything. Or at least, that’s what he told me as I grew up. “Ask me whatever you want,” he’d say,”because I know everything.” Of course, the twinkle in his eye was only noticeable to people over the age of 10. Needless to say, I believed him, at least I did early on. Even in later years when my deductive reasoning was supposed to kick in, there was still a small part of me that thought he really might. You see, if my dad was an animal there is no doubt he’d be an owl. The picture of wisdom. I visited a class of his recently as he is currently in his last year of seminary in pursuit of a Masters in Arts and Religion. The professor of the class might as well been straight out of a cartoon or a movie. He embodied EVERYTHING you would think a seminary professor would be, complete with a cane, a bow tie, a sweater vest, a white beard whose length was an outward indication of knowledge that only comes with age and yes, a pocket watch. A pocket watch that he actually pulled out and used by the way. A watch alone in this digital age of cell phones is becoming unusual but a pocket watch? Unheard of.  Anyway, as I leaned over to tell my father my observation of this stereotypical professor type, he grinned and said, “Yep. He is everything I ever wanted to be. Old and wise.” Some people may think that is a strange ambition, long-bearded and caned, pulling out your pocket watch to tell the time, but not for my father. You see, if you know this man who raised me, then you know that ambition and life purpose suits him just like that stereotypical pocket watch. Perfectly.

He has been pouring his wisdom into me for the last 25 years and I can honestly say it has been essential in developing me as the woman I am today (not to mention the faithful wisdom from his beautiful counterpart, my wonderful mother). In fact, there is a quote hanging up in our house, with four daughters and no sons, that says ‘A good father will leave his imprint on his daughter that lasts the rest of her life.’ My life serves as adequate evidence that my father qualifies as good because I feel the great impact of his imprint on it.

All growing up and even today my friends would meet my father and immediately have one common reaction, ‘Your dad is so wise!’ Well, actually I guess I should say they had two common reactions, the second being ‘And he talks so slow!” He does talk slow I must admit but it’s honestly because he is carefully thinking of the best and most accurate way to communicate something. Where Da Vinci’s artistic tools included paint and brushes, my father’s tools are his words. An artist he is and so I am so glad that he has decided to finally share his art with the rest of the world. After much urging and some technical work on my part, being the blogger of the family, he has finally started his own blog. While our writing styles are a little different, there is no doubt I got my knack for writing from him. His blog will be a source of much spiritual/life wisdom that you won’t want to miss. Believe me, in the words of all my friends, “He is so wise!” Plus, it won’t matter that he talks slow cause it’s written out! So grab a cup of coffee and check it out at www.fearandcomfort.wordpress.com. His eloquent words and thoughts will undoubtedly challenge you and the way you view our holy, just and loving God. He means business! Bookmark it because there is more to come!

So proud of you Daddy for starting this new adventure in cyberspace. Thanks for all of your wisdom over the years and more to come. I’m adding you to my regular blog reading list so you better stay up with it! Love you Daddy-O!


4 thoughts on “He Knows Everything: Wisdom, Beards, Blogs and Pocket Watches.

  1. ah yes Daddy! I love him! He will always be the best 2nd daddy i could ever ask for. And now that you mention it he does talk slow but that never hit me till now! He is very wise and when you leave a conversation with him his words linger in your ears for the next few days till it really soaks in!

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