People are Like Nail Polish.

I’ve been a bridesmaid ten times so believe me I know nail salons. Pedicures. Manicures. I’ve done it all. There is one common scene that takes place every time I go with the bridal party to get our nails beautified (yes that’s a word in my book) while we get pampered and massaged. Yep. I ALWAYS find myself standing in front of the nail polish tower stunned, frozen if you will, at the options in front of me. What to choose?!?! How will I ever make a decision? For some reason I don’t think any of the other bridesmaids ever seem to have this problem. They frustratingly walk up, look for a brief moment and confidently reach out and grab the most daring color. It’s like it beckoned to them. Like they just knew, THIS is my color. What’s even more frustrating is that it’s always a color that I would never have the guts to wear, being a dangerous blue or a purple so deep it’s almost black. Yet, at the end of our salon experience I end up obsessed with their dangerously blue black nails and bored to tears with my safe pinkish red. Sigh. If you can’t tell….I’ve been a bridesmaid ten times! (which really has been a privilege)

I know what you are thinking, where in the world is she going with this? Mary and her crazy metaphorical intros! Well, I’m about to do it again. You see, tonight I had a thought. It’s a ridiculous thought and one which may make my male readers immediately click out of this post. A thought nonetheless and if you follow this ‘World Through My Lens’ blog regularly, you know I love sharing thoughts! So here goes.

People are like nail polish.

Stay with me here. Tonight I visited a new church here in Texas and the title of the sermon was ‘Satisfied: Are you content with what you have been given?’ The whole premise was that each of us were designed different but with the same purpose: To bring glory to God. The pastor passionately argued that each of us had been given specific and unique talents/passions/gifts that are all to accomplish one goal. If we spend too much time comparing or wishing we had someone else’s talents however, then we will miss the reason why we were given ours. ‘Comparison is the thief of joy and effectiveness.’ he said. ‘You need to know yourself, like yourself and be yourself.’ I was caught off guard with this idea. What are my gifts? Am I using them the way that I should or am I too busy comparing mine with the person next to me, wishing I was like them? Wishing I’d chosen the dangerous blue instead of the ‘oh so safe’ pink. Maybe I was made to be the pink. Dangerous has never really been my style anyway. No, I think it’s better to rock the pink that fits than to ineffectively pose as a dangerous blue. So you see, God has created us like a nail polish tower. A jumbled mess of different. A collection of unique. All beautiful. All for the same purpose.

Hope this encourages/challenges you to stop comparing colors and use your gifts to change the world for His name.

Happy Wednesday!


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