Kate: Portrait Photography

Meet Kate. We met almost six years ago when I was her ‘aunt’ in the Staff Training Week cabin at Kanakuk Kamps. We were reunited two summers ago when she surprised us all and came to volunteer for a week in my summer office…bringing me great sanity as I worked with all stinky young men. However, we really became friends one year ago when she moved to Branson to do the Kanakuk Institute program. In a city where the average age is 65, she quickly became a life saver, giving me someone to hang out with that could actually relate to my stage of life.  I particularly grew fond of her because not only does she graciously allow to me share all of my ridiculous stories (I have a lot) but she actually laughs at them. It’s an automatic friendship producer when one party laughs at the other parties jokes. Done deal. In a short time we became fast and genuine friends who were able to share hearts but also laugh in ways that make you feel completely content. That’s a special kind of friendship and one that I intend to cherish because it doesn’t come around every day.

Before I left town I asked if she would mind doing some modeling for me so that I could try out a new location I was hoping to use for a shoot later that week. She was again a selfless friend and agreed to let me move her all around the Branson airport as I giddily squealed with excitement. It was a cloudy day so the colors were rich and the images crisp. At the end of the shoot I was a happy camper. In the craziness of moving to Texas, I was unable to edit and share the images until now. So excited for you to see these pics of such a brown-eyed beauty!

Kate, thanks for being such a faithful friend these last few years. I am so grateful for our friendship and for all of our laughs. Counting on many more to come! And by the way…have I got a good story for you!

Happy Monday!

So jealous that she can rock the jeggings. Genetics weren’t so kind to me. 

Giiirll, look at those brown eyes!

I feel like this shot is just poetic. Kind of Allison and Wonderlandish. 

L.O.V.E. this shot. Work it girl. 

Again with the jeggings. So jealous.

Love me some Kanakuk ring. What’s that 7 year kamper?

Have I mentioned that I love detail shots? Cause I do. 

This was taken with my 50mm 1.2 which is currently in the shop. This makes me miss it something fierce. 

I don’t know what was said but this is a genuine laugh. I must have been telling her one of my crazy stories. 

Kate, seriously, you’re gorgeous.

Um, hello model. 

Of course I play in some tall reeds in my spare time? Don’t you?

Natural at this.


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