Time Flies: Baker Maternity Shoot

Charles House Ladies we called ourselves. I wish I could tell you that the name came from something dangerously intriguing like maybe we were the sequel to Charlie’s Angels. Fighting crime wearing stilettos, lip gloss and with hair that never gets messed up despite the fact that you just rode on the top of a car belonging to the ‘bad guy’ you were chasing going 90 mph. Seriously. SO unrealistic. But no, it was simply because we lived on Charles Street in a four bedroom home that was nothing special but then again…so very special. There were five of us and it was the ideal rooming situation. We were all similar enough to get along but different enough for it to be interesting. Plus, one of the greatest aspects of the Charles House Ladies was that we didn’t have to work at it. No one had unreasonable expectations of the others which created a household of freedom. Funny how that usually generates a more loving environment where you enjoy being in relationship with one another. I will always cherish the many moments of laughter and tears in that house.

Hailey was one of my four roommates during the Charles House Ladies season of life. We’d met through the Baptist Student Union on campus and really hit it off attending a conference over Christmas our sophomore year. She had met Nick her freshman year and fell in love when he hit her in the head with a snowball. True story. Their love story had its ups and downs during the year that I lived with her as they navigated what the Lord had for their relationship. It was a joy to watch since they were so committed to doing the Lord’s will in it and through it. At the end of that year though, after both had spent the summer overseas, it was clear that the Lord would lead them to a lifetime together. On a freezing day in December 2007, I had the great honor of standing with them as they held each others hands, looked into each others eyes and promised forever. With that promise, we all witnessed and stood in support as two families became one.

What a joy now, having stood with them on THAT day, to be able to capture them as their little family of two is about to become a trio. I cannot wait for little Rylan to arrive and to watch as their forever vows continue to unfold. Hailey and Nick, thanks for letting me be part of this exciting time in your family. I have such great confidence that you will make wonderful parents to this little boy and more to come! Can’t wait to meet him! (Hailey, I think you should probably where stilettos and lipgloss in the delivery room. Just sayin’)

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Time Flies: Baker Maternity Shoot

  1. Hailey and Nick- congratulations and blessings. Amazing days are ahead. My opinion is strong- parenting is awesome!

    Mary- GREAT work, but then again, you had good material to work with. Love the shoes!

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