My New Best Friend.

It’s here. It’s here and I’m like a silly little school girl. The way I feel right now is very similar to the way that the majority of the pre-teen/teenage population of the nation feels toward The Biebs. That’s cool lingo for Justin Bieber for you non-hip people. No offense but get with the times. If you could see me I’m holding my head in my hands screaming with excitement. Ok, maybe not but close. That’s my general emotion right now because it’s finally here. ‘It’ being my Canon EOS 5D MarkII. I know right? You are practically peeing your pants for me! There is a significant portion of me that can’t actually believe I did it…but I did. My Canon 50D has been so good to me over the last 21 months (I sound like a mother who refers to her child’s age in months. Never understood that.) but our time is over. It’s terribly sad and kind of reminds me of that ridiculous Swiffer commercial…you know the one. The one where the old mop is left out in the cold. Yes that one. Seriously though, I have LOVED my Canon 50D and it has been such a great starter camera. I have grown so much as a photographer with it in my hands and captured a LOT of life with it. I suppose though that life is made up of transitions and changes. While my sentimental side is struggling to let it go, I am SO excited to venture into the world of the 5D. Yes, I know I sound like a total photog nerd but I suppose if the shoe fits? Well you know.

Of course the first thing I did when I took it out of the box was take pictures of it. Duuuuhhhh. So here are some pics of my new baby for you to pretend to enjoy. Photo credit definitely needs to go to my Old Reliable 50D. One last shout out baby!

P.S. SO excited that the first subjects of my 5D Mark II will be none other than my best friend and her fiance! Off to Orlando this week to help Beth and David plan the wedding and do a little engagement sesh! Stay tuned for that one! Until then, I’ll be soaking up the sun in FL and hanging out with my new BFF…(insert nickname I haven’t come up with).

Happy Saturday!


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