Nature’s Greatest Symphony.

The waves roared in front of us making the most glorious noise, a noise I could listen to forever and never want to drown out. You can go on with your conversation, fall asleep with the sun as your Dramamine or bury yourself in your book, and even though your attention isn’t on the waves, the sound is still there. It’s nature’s greatest symphony.  We enjoyed it too. We enjoyed it like we were listening to the New York Philharmonic…we were just wearing sandals instead of high heels. T-shirts instead of mink coats. We dug our feet deep into the sand, laid out our towels and then ran into the water like we were kids. Kids who had just seen it for the first time. We turned our face to the sun and drank it in. The endorphins that is. Oh how they made us happy because of course endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their husbands! (Name that movie. Hint: She’s blonde and wears pink) So, needless to say we were in a good mood. After several days of planning my sister/best friend’s wedding we needed a break from it all. The beach provided a perfect escape so we headed off with our sights set on that wide expanse of blue that we love so dearly. We put our phones away, let the sun kiss our wintery fair skin and simply enjoyed being together in God’s creation. We exchanged fewer words than normal, letting the waves do the talking, and we allowed ourselves to breathe. It was perfect. Five hours later I’m sitting in this giant and fairly chaotic airport on my way home, thrown back into the busyness of life. As I sit here though, having just brushed resilient grains of sand from my face, I am reminded to be grateful for those moments of peace. Moments where God’s creation overwhelms me and I feel small in comparison to His majesty. Moments where I can be still before Him and enjoy the life He has given. Moments of peace in a world that lacks peace.

Encouraging you today to take an hour or two, turn off your phone and enjoy a moment of peace. It’s worth it.

Also, check out this amazing song that reminds me where my peace comes from:

P.S. I specifically made myself NOT take my camera so as to protect the moment with my mother and sister. Sometimes life behind the lens causes me to miss out on the life part. So, I resisted my natural urge. I couldn’t help but slip out my phone for one quick snap shot though and of course it was a feet and beach pic. DUH. I’m a girl. I’m a photographer. I’m not that original. Enjoy!

Happy Thursday!


One thought on “Nature’s Greatest Symphony.

  1. oh i just LOVE it! Can’t wait till i get to go enjoy the wonderful sounds and relaxation! I hope the planning went well and like i told you and your mom over Thanksgiving, let me know what I can do to help I am deffinately willing to help and would LOVE to!

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