Ms. Vivacious: KristiAnna Senior Photography

(So for some reason this post got deleted so I’m reposting! Sorry!)

I first met KristiAnna (Kris as I know her) about three and a half years ago at a Branson High football game. She may not remember it because it was a long time ago but I sure do. She was sitting behind me at the game and her old bible study leader introduced us. I remember we talked about Kanakuk since both of our lives have been greatly impacted by that ministry. I noticed immediately that she was fun and energetic. Little did I know that I was going to get to spend much more time with this young beauty as a year later I became her new bible study leader. Oh what fun I had with her and her 8 other sophomore bible study gals. Whether it be meeting at Wendy’s, grabbing coffee at Starbucks or driving them to high school dances, they were always keeping me entertained. Especially Kris.

If I could pick one word to describe this beautiful senior it would be vivacious. Love that word. Vivacious. I wish that was the word I’d use to describe myself but it’s just not quite the right fit. You see, no matter where she goes she brings life. The room lights up when she enters it and you can’t help but smile being with her. Her own smile alone is award winning as became evident in this photo shoot. She is a blessing to those around her and I can’t wait to see how God uses that vivaciousness to impact the world.

Kris, you are beautiful inside and out. Seriously. I have SO treasured the last three years of knowing you and getting to lead you in studying God’s Word. You are a delight in so many ways. I will always treasure our many drives home from BOBs. You are going to do BIG things and I can’t wait to see where God takes you! Thanks for letting me do this! Miss you friend!

P.S. We had a BLAST taking her senior pictures a few weeks ago. She is unbelievably photogenic which means that I have way too many favorites to make this a short post. Oh well. Enjoy!

Happy Saturday!

Um hello. FAV. Love this laugh. Can’t you see the vivaciousness in this face?!?!

Seriously. Your dad is going to kill me. You are gorg.

I’m obsessed with your laugh in the one on the left.

Yummy light. As I like to call it.

So jealous of your hair right now. Can we trade?

Some sweet friends let me invade their quaint little farm. So many fun details. Including LOTS of animals who all wanted to be photographed as well. Hilarious.

I’m sending this to Coca Cola.

Kris was such a trooper. I made her stand in this chicken coop and the chickens didn’t vacate. What we do for pictures.

YES. This is what I’m talking about.

Love. Love. Love.

Well of course you drive a tractor in a dress. Duh. Oh and I’m sending this one to Ford.

Yep, this is one of my favs. Love that smile.

So a regular follower of the blog pointed out that there is a common theme of cowboy boots in my photography. Wouldn’t want to disappoint in this one.

Yep. Vivacious.

Are you sure you are a senior in high school and not college? Stunning.

Have I mentioned that I love fall?

American’s Next Top Model.

Ok, so since I’m a crazy photographer I saw this random red barn tucked away in the woods on the side of the road. So of course we had to off road and snap a few. Of course.

I love the intensity of your eyes in this one.

The composition and colors of these get me every time.

So the next two were really unplanned. We were walking back to the car and headed to our next location. I just took a few real fast not thinking much of them and they are some of my favs. So glad we didn’t rush.

L.O.V.E. this dress.

Um yeah. Yummy light. Breathtaking.

These are my favorites…


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