A Heart That Climbs Mountains: Dovie Senior Photography

It’s the Christmas season which automatically makes me think of your typical seasonal staples. Of course the reason for the season. Jesus Christ. In addition, you have Christmas lights, trees and mistletoe for all you romantics out there. You have egg nog, Christmas cookies and candy canes. You have Rudolph, Santa Clause and good ole Frosty the Snowman. Of course, then there are the Christmas movie musts. Elf, which I originally thought was just pretty mindlessly stupid but like any movie like that, the greatness comes from your ability to quote it. So, it’s grown on me. “Santa! I KNOW him!!!” Or you have my personal favorite of ALL time, It’s a Wonderful Life. There is no greater movie. George Bailey is my hero in so many ways. Then of course there is the children’s favorite and Jim Carrey’s most ‘hairy’ role, The Grinch. I can’t say that this is a personal favorite of mine but it has become a Christmas classic if you will.

Now, I know that I am the queen of strange lead ins and this may be one of my strangest but as I got to thinking about Dovie, this sweet senior, I started thinking about the Grinch. Hang with me here. The Grinch is a man with a cold heart, he hates Christmas and he hates people. All that changes however when a sweet little girl with crazy hair comes into his life. The difference between these two individuals is that one has a small heart with a disdain for all people and the other has a strangely ‘large’ heart for such a small stature with an undeniable love for people. This is how I would describe Dovie. (her name alone is peaceful) She is like Cindy Lou Whoo. She doesn’t have strange hair and she is not a Who who lives in Whoville, but she has one of the biggest hearts I have ever encountered. If you just spend a few minutes with this beautiful girl you will immediately notice that she loves people with a reckless abandon. She loves deeply. She cares intensely. She lives passionately. Much in accordance with that little blonde from Whoville, her heart is that all people experience true love and she would climb snowy ‘Mount Crumpit’ in Whoville to see to it that they do. However, the love that she cares about is not the Christmas cheer kind of love that the Grinch needed. No, it’s much bigger than that. Her heart is that people know the true saving love of Jesus Christ.  She wants to know Him and she is desperate that others know and follow Him as well. I am confident, after spending over two years watching this sweet young woman live life and grow, that she will be much like Cindy Lou Who. She’ll climb mountains in the days ahead and see to it that people whose hearts are ‘two sizes too small’ grow into hearts ‘three sizes too big.’

Dovie, you are a treasure. Seriously. You have been such a delight to watch grow over the last two plus years and I cannot wait to see where you go and what you do. Your love and passion for Christ is contagious and people will see it no matter where you go. Keep loving people the way you do and they will be changed for the better. Your passion inspires me and I’m so privileged to know you! You are truly beautiful inside and out! Love you!

LOVE the smile on the right.

Another random fact is that Dovie has the cutest style ever. I am always so jealous of what she wears. Best part, she gets most of it from thrift stores! SO awesome!


Work it girl. Look at the model face!

There was an awesome old homestead by her house. Gotta love the Ozarks and the things you find.

I am obsessed with how the door frames her. Perfect.

I think her mom was making her laugh in this one. Wish I could take credit.

A little bit of sass which I love 🙂 Look at those eyes!

So naturally beautiful!

Notice the dove around her neck.

Her parents gave her this ring. So special.

My yummy light prevails again.

Yep one of my favs. I wish I could remember what she was laughing about here. It was probably me saying something dumb like ok, “I want you to laugh.” That always brings out natural laughter at the absurdity of fake laughter. Photog trick.

Album cover.

Yes yes and yes.

Oh girl. Look at those eyes. Gorgeous.

The one on the right makes me miss the natural beauty of the Ozarks. The tall grass is perfect.

How cute is she? Oh to be 18 again.

Seriously Dov, your eyes are beautiful!

This is the one where your father kills me. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Again with the light!

Wish I could pull off bangs like this. You rock it.

These shoes were perfect.

Fav. Fav. Fav. Look at your face! So modelesque.

Her outfit was so cute and the purple photographed so well.


3 thoughts on “A Heart That Climbs Mountains: Dovie Senior Photography

  1. You are so talented!!! It helps that you have an absolute stunning model 🙂 and the little comments just make me smile. I look through the pics you shared with me from our session and I ask myself what would marry say 😉

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