Childhood Friends: Wright Family Photography

She fixed my hair for every formal dance I went to after I had spent way too much money on a hair style that had fallen out by the time I got home from the salon. No joke. My very first prom was a D-isaster. We decided to save money by having a friend of mom’s do my hair at her house. She apparently had owned a salon in California. That is a MUCH debatable statement considering her final product on both Beth and my hair. After a request to have ‘ringlets cascading down my back’ (I had stupidly long hair and I was so attached to the idea of those ringlets) she brought out a rickety old curling iron, took two hours to give me five lazy ringlets and sent me home. Those stubborn ringlets had said sayonara and flashed me the peace sign by the time I stepped into my house, hours before I was supposed to promenade in front of the whole town. So, in tears I called her and she came to the rescue. An hour later I was ready, my tear-stained face drying and my hair looking beautiful.

We met at church. Their family was new to town and they were about our age. We were running around the church frantically, as young children do obviously, and that’s when we met. The details after that were a blur, all I know is that we were friends. We did just about everything together. We put on plays. We did synchronized swimming. We made music videos. We gave each other make overs. We had sleep-overs every weekend. Simply put, we grew up together. I was there when she met her now husband. We were 13, in middle school and deep into the awkward stage of life that everyone wants to forget. After she met him, she said, ‘That is the man I am going to marry.’ Apparently she is prophetic because they got hitched several years later. I gave a sob ridden speech in her wedding, which was totally embarrassing, and watched as she had her first little boy, Gabriel. A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing her fun family. Despite the fact that they adorned Oklahoma State gear and that their dog is named Dirty Pete, we had a lot of fun.

Becky, thanks for letting me take pictures of your family! How far we have come since that day back at Believer’s Fellowship when we first met! It’s been a wild ride and I’m grateful! So many fun memories of spelling words out on the bottom of our pool, playing dress up, late night sleep overs and doing this thing called life. I know who I’m calling when I have another attack of the ‘Lazy Ringlets.’ Love you!

Happy Thursday!

The cute couple that was destined when she was 13. That’s what movies are made out of.

This one cracks me up. I said, ‘Becky snuggle up to him.’ His reaction was priceless. They are getting this blown up and put in their house. Humor in marriage is an asset.

Their little cutie Gabriel. He was a little shy around me during the shoot and didn’t want to look at the camera. However, apparently after the shoot he referred to me as his girlfriend. It seems I have a way with the shy ones 🙂

So handsome in his little sweater vest. Good job Mom on his style.

There were just enough fall colors to be pretty. Gabriel was entertained by the leaves apparently so of course we were too. Or really just him.

Look at this precious little man! Looks so much like Dad.

LOVE these next two. Getting some Mommy/Daddy sweetness.

How cute are they? Sweet father/son moment here.

Beautiful family!

Everyone, meet Dirty Pete. I first met him at their wedding and even though he is the namesake of Pistol Pete, OSU’s mascot, I suppose I can like him.

Becky brought this toy car from her grandmother’s house that she used to play with as a kid. We wanted to capture some generational sentiment. Special.

Ok, even though it was hard, I was a good sport when they changed outfits into a color that I am not too fond of. You see, my allegiance lies to the Crimson and Cream. Their’s belongs to the Orange and Black. We choose to avoid that topic at all costs but since I was taking family pictures I decided to oblige. So we pulled out my bubble machine and had a little fun. I have to admit that this little Cowboy is pretty cute…even if he is wearing orange.

Love his fascination with the bubbles on the left.

The future Pistol Pete? Maybe so.


One thought on “Childhood Friends: Wright Family Photography

  1. OH Mary!! You are to kind in your words! But yes the time has flown by and I can’t believe half of the things we used to do! We definitely could have a career in pool dancing if we ever need something to fall back on 🙂 It was so great growing up with you and your family! I can’t wait to see what the next 20+ years have in store for us! Oh and thanks for dealing with the color of the Real Oklahoma team 😉 Can’t wait to see all my pics on the cd!! Love you sister!

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