My 2011…in Blogging.

I’m the third best singer in my family. It’s true. My father gave me that title a few days ago and I was feeling pretty good about my placement until he followed up with, ‘But that’s not saying much since there is a large gap between 2nd and 3rd and a small gap between 3rd and 4th.” See pride. Squash pride. Ok, so if I’m being honest I have very little singing talent and by little I mean l.i.t.t.l.e. (somehow periods between every letter is supposed to give emphasis. Not sure where I picked that up but I’m going with it). My older sister Allison and my younger sister Emily are the Celine Dions of the family…by comparison of course. When I was a kid I’d walk around the house singing and they would stop me and say, “Oh Mary, please don’t sing.” Scarring? Definitely. I am deathly afraid of singing in public now. Ok, ok not really but needless to say I don’t have any great confidence in my singing abilities.

However, I did get some encouragement recently when I got my WordPress 2011 blogging review. If you were to measure my 2011 blogging in Opera House sellouts it would look like this.

I think I might have found my ‘singing’ abilities!!! There is great debate that I’d be able to fill the Sydney Opera House simply with my Whitney Houston-esque beltings or my Beyonce-like diva-ness. HOWEVER, maybe blogging is my sweet pure tone and my high note. I like to think of it that way! Thanks to all 17,000 plus of you that helped me fill those seats!!! I sure am flattered and humbled my the ‘sellouts.’

I also need to give a shout out to my referrers. You all are SO valuable to me!!! If you have never checked out these awesome fellow bloggers, I strongly recommend that you do. Some sweet kamp friends that allowed me to practice on them when I first got started. I took them out into a field on a FREEZING day in January and they were great sports. Just moved to NW Arkansas to love on people there and share Christ. They just added the cutest little man to their family and so their blog is full of great new parent stories and even greater pictures! Check it out!! Dear dear friend from my Branson living. Spent a year living next door to each other in ridiculous kabanas with bamboo decor and surrounded by fake coconuts (went to a Bible training program together located on a summer resort campus). Still think we should have knocked down that wall! Then we spent two years working down the hall from each other and playing hangman on our white boards to keep ourselves entertained. She’s living the dream in Tampa, FL and she’s a woman of great humor and wise insight. SWEET friend and college mentor. Spent many hours laughing and talking about life. She is very much the reason why my faith is where it is today. Value her SO much. She’s making her way and loving on people in the great and HOT city of Houston, TX. Also a woman of great wisdom!!!

Thanks ladies for your support of the blog!!! I appreciate it more than you know!!!

(also a thanks to Facebook and Twitter for allowing me to advertise through your site)


Lastly, the part that blew me away. I tend to think pretty small cause its safe and doesn’t require much faith. However, I feel like I’m learning to think bigger. Out of the box. This stat on my viewing really challenged me to do just that.

Apparently I have viewing on every continent except for Antarctica. Now, while I fully intend on talking to those penguins and whales about checking out the blog, I feel pretty encouraged by this fact. It left me speechless actually as I saw the stats and realized that I am SO very blessed. Here are some stats on the percentages from each continent:

North America: 99.5% United States 0.5% Canada

South America: 80% Argentina 10% Ecuador 10% Peru

Oceania: 33.3% Australia 33.3% Guam 33.3% New Zealand

Africa: 50% Uganda 44.4% South Africa 5.6% Kenya

Europe: 55.8% Germany 11.6% Netherlands 11.6% Italy 7% France 4.7% United Kingdom

Asia: 33.3% Kuwait 12.5% Cambodia 12.5% Indonesia 8.3% Jordan 20.8% Other

Needless to say I am SO very encouraged and blessed by anyone who reads this silly blog. While I think I’m pretty fun and enjoy my own musings and humble photography, I certainly don’t pretend to think that I have anything very interesting to share with the world. So again, thanks to all of you who stopped by whether you are in the barracks of Kuwait, the mission field of Argentina, the shores of Australia or my mom sitting in the next room! I appreciate you more than you know!!!

Here’s to another blog update in 2012!!! Happy Friday!


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