My First Model: Emily Portrait Photography

I got my first camera in high school and I knew nothing about how to use it. All I knew was that I loved taking pictures and I was anxious to figure it out. So, of course I recruited some ‘willing’ souls to be my models and of course that meant that my sisters were immediately signed up. Duh. (I love using the ‘word’ duh in blog posts btw. It makes me sound so smart).

Emily was my first subject. I made her get dressed up (at the time that included a turtle neck and jeans…wow how far we have come) and humor my aspirations by posing all around the Marland Mansion. She was about 14, had braces and had barely grown into her own body. Needless to say, she was a little on the awkward side. Now before you write me off as being insensitive, everyone has such a phase and I’m not telling you anything she wouldn’t tell you. Not having any real clue of what we were doing, I put my setting on automatic and did my best to pose her but my ‘best’ was far from good. Since I was using film, I only had so many chances to get things right and in the end, there were more wrong than right. However, one good thing was born that day. My own personal model. Ever since then she has been my number one subject (with my other two sisters close behind) and her talent in front of the camera is undeniable. Although I’m sure her frequent watching of America’s Next Top Model has had something to do with her abilities, I like to think that it’s partly credited to my long time requests for a subject. Either way, she has lost the braces, grown into a beautiful woman and flashed the peace sign to the awkward years a long time ago. It’s almost become a ritual now that every Christmas we do a photo shoot. Third year in a row and counting so here are a few from this year’s. She is gorg and makes my job easy. Seriously. We laugh a lot about that first shoot so many years ago. How far I have come as a photographer and how far she has come as my model. The reality is that the journey has been fun and totally worth it. You can’t appreciate growth without looking back. Love you Em! Thanks for putting up with my crazy requests all these years and I’m already gathering ideas for next year!

Happy Saturday!!!

In my dad’s words, “Emily should be an eye model.” Whatever an eye model is!

Love this one. She has that face down. Tyra would be proud of its ‘fierceness.’

I told her I wanted her to look breathless. Like I said, we’ve both come a long way from that day at the Marland Mansion.

Girl, your eyes say it all.

Hmmm…I call this one her mischievous look. Watch out.

I think it was at this point that I told her I wanted her to look like a ‘winter fairy.’ Warm in the midst of stark cold. ha ha WHAT???!!! Exhibit A for Mary’s CRAY-ziness.

This one is my favorite. Em you rock this face. For real.

Sweet or sassy? Hmm can’t tell.

No doubt she has mastered the ‘model’ face but she has a beautiful smile too. Love this one.

Can’t express my feelings about this one. There is such intensity in her eyes! Makes me happy!

One word. Beautiful.

2 thoughts on “My First Model: Emily Portrait Photography

  1. Hey there! I’m OBSESSED with all your pictures! 🙂 I got my first camera two years ago and i’m so inspired by your work. What lens do you use for your portraits? I have a Canon REBEL, and i don’t know what camera you have but i’d like to find one like it! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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