Um Hi…It’s Me.

Soooo…this post feels awfully weird and I battled myself in even posting it. Am I going to look like a narcissist posting all these pictures of me? Do I look weird in the pictures? I have no idea what I’m doing in front of the camera!!

These were the thoughts that crossed my mind when we did the shoot and after when I was trying to decide if I even wanted to post them. After a lot of debating in my mind, a little devil/angel shoulder action, I decided that there was actually great purpose in posting these pics. Here is what I concluded:

(First of all, I am not a self-indulged narcissist who just wanted to take a lot of pictures of herself. At least I hope not! No, simply put I needed self portraits for my new website that is currently in production/design. Get excited…cause I sure am. Anyway, I employed my sweet mother who is dabbling in photography to take a few really quick shots of me that could be used on my site. I have since chopped my hair off and so wanted a few options with long hair. Yep, I’m such a girl.)

What I Concluded:

1. I am very rarely in front of the lens.

2. I feel awkward in front of the lens. (My thoughts during the shoot: What do I do? How do I look? What face should I make? What are my hands doing? How do people do this!? AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!)

3. Though awkward, being in front of the camera helped me to understand what my clients experience as we do a shoot.

4. I walked away having a better idea of how to coach them in posing.

5. Even though I much prefer being behind the lens, my challenge for myself was to be photographed every so often so as to keep understanding how my clients feel and helping them accordingly.

6. Walking a mile in another man’s shoes gives invaluable perspective.

So, this is my challenge to you: Whether you are a photographer, banker, teacher, musician, accountant, lawyer, doctor, landman, restaurant manager, janitor, missionary or mother, do your best to get ‘in front of the lens’ and walk in another person’s shoes. It will revolutionize your business and your life.

Happy Thursday!

Can’t you feel the awkwardness of these below. I mean, what am I doing? Point in case.

So I will often tell my clients to make their best Tyra Banks ‘fierce’ face. This was my best attempt. I don’t know, I think I kind of look like I might kill you. At least that’s fierce right?

Again, not sure what I was doing. When I feel awkward I make silly faces. It’s a disease.


6 thoughts on “Um Hi…It’s Me.

  1. Mary, you are so gorgeous! Seriously. Your “Tyra” face is my favorite, you are so beautiful! Your mom did a great job and you were the perfect model. I would like to see your short hair options as well. Lol. But really. 🙂

  2. Mary.. I love your photos.. and i had to ask you a question. I remember you saying you had the same camera as me… but you just recently got a new lens! a 50mm 1.2L right?? SO is it just the best?? I am considering investing in one. Is that the lens you use most?? Let me know.. thanks!

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