Love in the Falling Kind of Way: Beth + David Engagement Photography

How to even begin this blog? I’ve photographed quite a few couples but this one was different. This one was close to home. Important. Significant. Special. This was my best friend…which is an understatement of all understatements.

“So I press on to be the man you need me to be. I will wait for the right time. I will wait for the clouds to disappear. I will wait cause you’re worth it. I know brighter days are coming once again. I will wait.”- Lyrics from the song David wrote his future bride. A song that he was eventually able to play for Beth and a song that perfectly exemplifies the beauty of their story. Waiting for the one that is worth it.

She met him two and a half years ago at church on a Sunday afternoon in Orlando, FL. He had lived there the majority of his life and had been raised in that very church. She was new to town, visiting the church simply at the suggestion of our father. He saw her from across the room and said, “Who is that girl?” A bunch of young singles in the church went out to lunch after the service and he was overjoyed that she had decided to come along. Determined to get to know this girl, he sat down next to her, thrilled at the coincidence at his position. After latecomers re-situated things however, there were separated and his excitement deflated. At the end of the lunch though, they found themselves talking outside by their cars. Leaving that conversation and driving home, he called his father and promptly declared he had just met the woman he was going to marry. In a way that is only credited to the sovereignty and providence of God, his father replied, “David, I prayed this morning that you would meet your wife today.” A chill giving story that should be Chapter #1 of the famous book, When God Writes Your Love Story. I’m going to suggest an appendix.

As if to make their love story even better and movie-esque, she was of course not as immediately persuaded of their destined life together. After a year of pursuing her off and on, continuing to trust the Lord, she finally became smitten one Sunday afternoon after hearing him lead worship at the church. A little while later they were Skyping me to tell me they were dating. After 11 months of fun, learning one another, growth and love in the falling kind of way, he knelt down and asked her to be his bride. With hands to her face in disbelief she happily said yes. It was a perfect moment. Perfect because it was right. It stirred no reservation. It was the beginning of something great. (not to mention it was followed shortly by David’s ‘happy dance’ which is always a sign of greatness).

Two months later we were traipsing around Portofino Bay Resort and standing in horse droppings at Cody Stables in Orlando documenting their sweet love. I always feel privileged to be the one behind the lens as I capture the love between an engaged couple because it’s such an intimate and special time. Words cannot express though how privileged I was to do this particular shoot. She has been my best friend since birth…or actually before that really…and so trusting someone else to fill that role is no easy task. However, knowing David, his character and witnessing their relationship over the last year, I couldn’t be happier about this hand off. In a few short weeks they will find themselves on an altar ready to make life long vows. I will find myself standing as their number one witness, pledging my support and accountability. My father will find himself giving away his precious daughter. Guests will find themselves looking on as they agree to celebrate and support a new union. Most importantly though, the Lord will be looking on with great gladness as two become one and serve Him better together than apart. It will be a glorious day.

Beth, there are no words. Actually, there are too many so I’ll save them for my speech. Know that you are too special to even describe. I wouldn’t want to share a face with anyone else. David, you are a stud and even though you are stealing my BFF status…I wouldn’t want to give it to anyone else. Thank you both for letting me capture this and even more, thank you for letting me be part of your lives. Love you both!

Enjoy ALL these pictures of their love in the falling kind of way! Yes I know that there are WAAAAYY too many but oh well. She’s my best friend, sister and look alike so cut me some slack.

Happy Friday!

Portofino Bay is where David first told Beth he loved her and also where he proposed. Talk about special so of course we had to take pictures there!


They make an unfairly beautiful couple.

Fav. Fav. Fav. Beth and I have been working on her serious face for years and boy did it pay off. Gorg.

One thing I love about David…his goofiness. Hilarious.

A race on the motorbikes…that are drilled into the ground. Who will win?

Funny story, when David was choosing the ring he asked for my advice which was so sweet. He also asked for her ring size. Conveniently we have the same DNA so I just sized myself. Not many Maid of Honors can be THAT helpful. I’m just good.

Whenever they would say goodnight, Beth would say “I love you.” David would always reply “love you more,” to which she would say, “It’s not a contest.” They found this sweet sign which was perfect for the shoot!

Beth found this fun horse stable near her house for us to shoot out. The light was ‘yummy’ and despite a little bit of manure…it was perfect!

Love this shot.

Beth brought bubblegum for some fun shots and boy was it comical. Bubbilicious at its best.

Yep, another fav. I love her smile in this.

Work it girl. Your model face is LE-git. Fo real. Gorgeous. And yours is pretty good too David 🙂 Kidding, you rock it too!

David’s happy dance. Pure awesomeness.

David is a really talented musician and he wrote a beautiful song for his bride before he started dating Beth. He started singing it to her during the shoot and it was a really sweet moment. “So i press on to be the man you need me to be.”


She tried to play but…

One of the most precious moments from the shoot.

Beth reeeaallly wanted to take some pictures with this fence. She kept saying, “Don’t you want to take us to the fence?” Over and over again. I have to say, she had a good idea.

The real David and Beth. Goofy. Silly. Fun.

My favorite one of David. So GQ.

How cute are they?

Yep, I can’t get enough of this one.

Bling Blingity.

Not really a silhouette girl but this may change my mind.


6 thoughts on “Love in the Falling Kind of Way: Beth + David Engagement Photography

  1. Had tears as I read this blog Maria. What am I going to do when you give your speech!? You are a fantastic photographer, writer, sister and friend. So blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for capturing these special moments for us. David and I are so thankful! Love you gemela 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness. Mary, please give Beth a huge hug for me. I’m so proud of her for waiting for the one God has for her! And I’m equally as proud of you! There couldn’t be a more beautiful pair of sisters both inside and out!

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