BOBS: Small Group Portrait Photography

BOBs they call themselves and BOBs they are. Babes of the Bible that is. They have been meeting together since they were in the 6th grade I think which is just unreal. I had they great privilege of being their co-BOBs leader for their sophomore and junior years. (My amazing co-leader and friend, Jennifer Farley, has an amazing design blog that you should check out) Now they are seniors in high school and growing into the most beautiful young women. Babes for sure as you can tell by these pictures. What makes them especially beautiful though is the latter part of their name. ‘Of the Bible.’ Those words set them apart from the rest of the beautiful young women in this world. Their beauty not only comes from outward appearance but first and foremost from a deep love for the Lord. In the two years that I got to spend with them, digging deep into God’s Word, I was blown away by their maturity and their desire to know God in a genuine self-abandoned way. They challenged me in life-changing ways and I only hope I was able to do a little bit of the same. They are SO very special to me and I know that as they leave their high school and inevitably each other, they will change the world. Going in all different directions come next fall, I hope that they will remember that they are indeed BOBs, beautiful on the inside and out!

Girls, I miss each of you more than you know and so wish I could be there for our Monday night meetings. So very grateful for two great years of being a BOB myself and getting to learn about our great God alongside you. Never forget that your beauty comes first from the work He is doing inside of you. The rest is fleeting but that lasts forever and will move mountains. I can’t wait to see where each of you end up and how your own BOB story will unfold. Each of you are a treasure. Don’t forget it. Love and miss all of you!

Enjoy some pictures of a BOBS group shoot we did before I left town last fall. Yes, I know that I am behind but life has been a bit crazy lately! Please forgive.

Happy Tuesday!

Meet Kylee.

Meet Angelica.

Meet Hannah.

Meet Hayden.

Meet Dovie. (you may remember her from her senior shoot)

Meet KristiAnna (you may remember her from her senior shoot).

Meet Shelby. (look for her senior pics soon)

Meet Lindsay. (Linds, you may not like the one on the left but I LOVE it!)

Meet Erin.

Meet Alex.



2 thoughts on “BOBS: Small Group Portrait Photography

  1. So proud of all of these girls! Can’t believe they are leaving their childhood years and off to become young ladies. I know they will represent Christ well as they all head their different ways. Love you all!

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