Beside Myself: Austin Bound.

Today is an important day for Mary Fields Photography. Yep, it’s like that beach vacation you have been planning for the last year. Even though you bought it feeling like it would never actually get here, it has finally arrived and you are beside yourself with excitement. Well folks, I am beside myself. I’m not exactly sure what that means exactly. How can one be beside themselves because they ARE themselves? But I digress and for the sake of emphasis I will use the phrase I don’t really understand! I AM BESIDE MYSELF! You see about 5 months ago I purchased my registration for the Half Orange Photography Winter Workshop. It was one of my first real steps in pursuing this business as I desperately wanted to learn from other talented photographers and believe me…these two are TALENTED. So today, the ‘beach vacation’ is finally here and I am off to Austin, TX for a weekend of learning, growing in my art and meeting some incredible women in the biz. I look forward to sharing pictures and stories from the trip! Until then, here’s to being beside yourself…whatever that means.

Happy Friday! I hope there is something coming up in your own world that is making you be beside yourself!


2 thoughts on “Beside Myself: Austin Bound.

  1. Hi Mary,

    One of my girlfriends who knows Katie Pinson got a recommendation from Katie about you! I am getting married in Dallas June 30th of this year and was wondering if a) you would be available b) what your pricing is like.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Thank you so much for spending the weekend with us Mary! We absolutely love you and adore your work. So excited to see God’s plans for you in photography! You are one beautiful and talented lady.

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