Keep on Keepin On: Half Orange Winter Workshop

It was a big step in my career. A mile marker. An important experience. A significant day for Mary Fields Photography. My first workshop.

Now, some of you may think that sounds silly. How can a workshop be that significant? If you are a photographer or an entrepreneur of some kind, however, you know the importance of taking part in such things and the benefits for your business given your participation. The collaboration of people in your field is motivational and will inevitably recharge your desire to ‘keep on keeping on’ in your biz. After a crazy fall of trying to get Mary Fields Photography off the ground, I needed some recharging and some newfound motivation. Well, thank goodness I found just that last weekend as I attended the Half Orange Winter Workshop. The two women that make up Half Orange are simply amazing. Not only do I greatly admire their work (their blog is permanently on my bookmark bar and I might check it daily. Might as in totally.) but I admire them even more as the women that they are. They conduct themselves and their business in a way that I only hope to emulate because of their sweet natures, their character, their ambition and their genuine love for people. What a package deal?! Great people matched with GREAT work! Anyway, you should definitely check out their blog cause they are too wonderful for words!

The women of Half Orange invited me to sign up for their January workshop last fall and I wasted no time. The Friday before last, I packed my bags and headed south to the great city of Austin. About fifteen young and talented women met me there and we all spent the next 24 hours swapping hilarious stories from various shoots, learning from each other’s failures and successes, encouraging one another in the business and becoming fast friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to share the weekend with! We spent Saturday morning soaking up all that we could from our wonderful workshop hosts and then spent the afternoon photographing some beautiful models at an amazing stylized shoot. If you had been around me during those three afternoon hours, you would have thought I was in Disneyworld. Seriously. I was in heaven. In total paparazzi style, all 15 or so of us were trigger happy as the light went behind the trees and set a beautiful glow on set. Perfection to me and quite comical to the normal bystander. I can’t wait to share some images from the day as soon as I’ve been given the clear. Half Orange is attempting to get it published in a blog so as soon as that has been decided be ready for a blasting of stylized shoot images. I’m squealing in anticipation even now. Until then, here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ shots of the day! Whatever business you are in, I hope that you will take the time to surround yourself with amazing people who share your passions and will encourage you to ‘keep on keepin on.’ It’s worth it. My battery is recharged and I’m ready to get to it!

Happy Monday!

They had set up the brunch table in such a cute way! Photographers know how to do details…

Paparazzi style.

Like I said, we may have looked kind of comical to the Austin-ites walking around the trails.  Then again, it IS Austin so maybe not. Keep Austin weird right?

Our fearless leaders and the wonderful women that make up Half Orange Photography. Thanks ladies! It was wonderful!


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