The Joy that is Alyssa Joy: Portrait Photography

We met almost four years ago inside the gates of K1 Kanakuk Kamps. There is some dispute about when exactly it was but regardless, it has been a while. She was having what some might say a ‘rough’ summer and for some reason she deemed me someone she could trust. The next summer she came and worked for me in the kamp office. Yes…I meant to spell that with a K. We are serious about our K’s at Kanakuk Kamps. It was a summer to remember as both of us worked for its entirety. We endured three and a half long months of ridiculous humidity, crazy office girl skits, maybe a little bit of drama that inevitably comes from working/living closely with 7 women, LOTS of kamper mail and even more frustrating parent phone calls. However, it was also a summer of great growth for both of us and the development of a really special friendship. We spent the next two summers working alongside one another and shared many a phone call during the off season. She might tell you that she looks up to me and would like to be like me ‘when she grows up’ but what she doesn’t realize is that she is wonderful all on her own. She is the one of the most creative people I know and has an incredible knack for making things look beautiful. She is poised, confident and passionately desires to bring glory to God. She is gifted in discipling and loving young women to Christ. She has a love for God’s Word and desires to apply it to her life. She is bold, adventurous and unafraid to take risks. (Sometimes those risks get her in to trouble…every summer at kamp she has either injured her knee AGAIN or gets hit by a car. No joke.) She is stunningly beautiful on the outside and yet she values inner beauty far more. She is a woman after God’s own heart.

My favorite thing about Alyssa Joy, however, is that I get to call her friend. She might argue and call me a mentor or something silly like that, but in my mind she is a dear friend. We’ve walked a lot of life together over the last four years and it hasn’t always been easy or pretty but it’s been sweet. There couldn’t be a more fitting middle name for this blonde blue-eyed beauty because that is exactly what she has been to me. A joy.

Alyssa, I think you are a gift and growing into a wonderful godly woman. I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes you in the months to come! You are going to do big things no matter where you go. So very grateful for our months of exhaustion, uncontrollable perspiration, frustration, laughter and memories in that K1 office. Never forget the most important thing, ‘L.I.G. IT” Love you!

(Alyssa and I did a portrait session a while back just for the fun of it. Here are some of my favs from the shoot. She is too gorgeous for words so I had a hard time choosing. PLUS she had just had knee surgery and so she wasn’t very mobile. She was a trooper though and fought through it. That characteristic may be why she had to have knee surgery in the first place but…)

Happy Friday!

Fav. Love that laugh.


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