Masterpiece…and What’s Ahead on the Blog.

Every artist has what they consider to be their greatest work. The peak of their talent. The ultimate. The best. The crescendo if you will. The product that they want everyone to admire. The product that THEY admire. The one that they are most proud of.

Their masterpiece.

“It’s the best one I’ve ever made,” she said to Beth when she sent her a picture of her bouquet. “It’s my favorite of all time.” Even though I haven’t seen all of this florist’s work, I can pretty much say that I wouldn’t doubt it being true. Beth’s bouquet, and really all of the bouquets were breathtaking. Seriously. I’ve seen a LOT of wedding bouquets and these were stunning. Jaw-dropping. They were masterpieces.

As I was editing these pictures of the flowers from last weekend, I was elated with excitement at their beauty. I began to think about what the florist said and ironically it fit perfectly with what I had read this morning. I have been so incredibly blessed since moving to Dallas to be able to be part of The Village Church. What a wonderful gift it has been to be enveloped into a church body that not only loves worshipping together, but also has an affection and reverence for the Word of God. A dynamic combination. We have just started a new series as a church on the book of Galations and it has been wonderful thus far. In our home groups we are going through Timothy Keller’s Galations study and today’s lesson was about being God’s workmanship. Paul is giving the account of his own story and how God had shaped it.

Here is my favorite part from today’s study:

“The word “workmanship” is very important. It is the Greek word poema from which we get our word “poem.” It means that every believer is essentially a work of art – God’s art! Consider how artists work, whether they are writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, etc. They labor long and hard and with the utmost care and detailed attention. Sometimes they do very little – only a stroke here or there. Other times they make massive changes. But always they seek to bring the raw material into line with an artistic vision. Thus, Paul is telling us that God labors over all believers throughout our entire lives, intervening, guiding and shaping us – all to bring us into line with the vision He has for us. That is mentioned also in Ephesians 2:10: “created . . . to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” God has a particular set of “good works” for us to do, for which He prepares us our whole lives.”

Know that, like that stunning bouquet, when you are found in Christ you are a beautiful masterpiece, His workmanship, created with great care and great purpose!

Happy Thursday!!! Enjoy some shots of this gorgeous bouquet. I mean really…it’s one of the most beautiful arrangements that I have ever seen!

(Sneak peek of other posts to come!)

I don’t know whether to cry or squeal at this shot…so I’ll do both! One of my favorites from the weekend. Since I was the MOH (maid of honor), I did my very best not to get stuck behind the camera but to enjoy being her number one girl. However, I couldn’t help myself here and there so get ready for some really fun shots of a REALLY beautiful wedding!

They are wonderful and it was a blast during their engagement shoot! Can’t wait to show you more of Autumn and Brian’s Florida engagement. Seriously some of the best three hours ever!!!


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