A Day Of Much Significance: J Star, Big Macs and Leap Day

I’d like to make this post long and sappy because I’m that type of person. My love for sentiment is ridiculous. In fact, if you measured it in cheeseburgers it would be a Big Mac. Or a Whopper. If measured in Cold Stone Creations it wouldn’t be a Like It or Love It. Nope. It’d be 12 oz. of Gotta Have It Goodness. And if measured in the liquidy goodness that makes the world go round, it would be a Trenta not your little ole Venti. Starbucks that is. Yep, unless you have no affection for the yummy goodness of all things fast food/ice creamy deliciousness/ the monopoly of coffee…I’m not sure I could illustrate it more clearly. I love sentiment.

As much as I love sentiment however, I am caught in one small problem. Long sappy posts require time, energy and effort. Unfortunately, there is too much to be done today to allow myself such a post. So I will do my best to keep it brief.

Why the need for a sappy sentimental post you ask? Well, today is a day of much significance. In the words of Desi Arnez (for all my I Love Lucy lovers out there) “let me ‘splain.” You see, today is the last day of February 2012. I know I know. Monumental right. You are itching with a need for sentiment right along with me. Ok, maybe that doesn’t seem of much significance to you but it does to me. February 2012 is important in my small world for one BIG reason and that reason being that I started my blogging career in February 2011. I funny post to look back on now. If I only knew what life ‘Behind the Lens’ would include. Now, what may seem small to you is quite monumental for Mary Fields. I started this journey a year ago with very little idea of where it was going or why I was doing it. An adventure that I had never anticipated but one that I am so grateful for. In the last year I have blogged 100 times and had 30,000 views. Humble amounts for sure but numbers that make me grateful. Grateful because it’s been a wild ride. This blog has been an outlet for life’s growth, challenges, tears, joys and experiences. It has prompted me to more passionately and intentionally pursue three things that I love…photography, the art of words and my Savior. It has challenged me to keep pushing myself, even when its scary and unknown. It has been a Big Mac, Gotta Have It, Trenta sized gift and I can’t wait to see what I’ll be blogging about in February 2013.

If that’s not enough sappy goodness, let me top off the significance of this day with the fact that not only is it Leap Day, but tonight I get to meet one of my favorite photographers and role model in this industry! Could this day get any better?!?! Looking forward to blogging about my time at The FIX with none other than J Star herself. I just might bring her a Big Mac to celebrate.

Here’s to new challenges that turn into life’s sweetest sentiments!!! Happy Wednesday!


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